Summer arrivals, summer health precautions


Summer arrivals, summer health precautions

At the beginning of May each year, it is the season of summer. At this time, the temperature of the weather is also obviously rising. Some microorganisms and bacteria are also beginning to be active. So, should we pay attention to it in summer?

What does Lixia pay attention to?

Come and have a look!

銆€銆€Li Xia Yang Xin good time to pay attention to 6 points: First, pay attention to the heart, eat some food to calm the nerves.

Li Xia is the first to raise the “heart”.

Chinese medicine believes that “summer gas and heart steam pass”, to be “out of anger and quit”, should not be overjoyed, to keep the spirit quiet.

It is necessary to keep the spirit quiet, emotionally open, comfortable, relaxed, and open-hearted. At this time, you can do more static cultural activities, such as painting, fishing, calligraphy, playing chess, planting flowers, etc.

In summer, the product of raising the heart and soothe the nerves is indispensable. Hey, Ophiopogon japonicus, jujube, lotus seeds, lily, bamboo leaves, cypress seeds, etc., can protect the mind and calm the nerves.

銆€銆€Second, pay attention to sun protection and avoid large movements.

Be careful not to sweat excessively. After exercise, you should drink warm water and replenish body fluids.

In summer, people are prone to sweating. “Chinese medicine believes that “sweat is the heart of the heart”, blood and sweat are homologous, and sweat is easy to hurt the yin and yang.

In addition, the summer temperature is high, and the blood volume distribution on the body surface is too large, which is easy to cause symptoms of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly, so it is necessary to pay attention to not excessive sweating in summer.

But when you sweat, you have to sweat, and the elderly can’t sweat. The time to turn on the air conditioner in the room should not be too long.

The selected sports should not be too intense, instead of relatively peaceful sports such as Tai Chi, Tai Chi Sword, walking, jogging and so on.

銆€銆€Third, pay attention to the function of the heart, pay attention to the method of health, heart and yin and yang, both to raise “heart yang” and to raise “heart yin”.

Heart qi refers to weakened heart function, manifested as flustered heartbeat, chest tightness, shortness of breath, increased weight after activity, and sweating.

If you do not pay attention to maintenance, the development of heart yang will appear flustered, asthma increased, and chills and cold limbs, chest pain and suffocation, pale complexion and so on.

People who have symptoms of qi deficiency or heart yang deficiency should avoid sweating in the summer, so as not to hurt the heart, ginseng can be used (2?
3 grams), American ginseng (3?
5 grams) soak in water, or take Shengmai drink (ginseng or Codonopsis, Ophiopogon japonicus, Schisandra) oral solution.

Heart yin deficiency refers to the lack of heart yin and blood, which can cause some symptoms of heart and blood deficiency.

The main feature of heart yin deficiency is yin deficiency and impotence, which is characterized by five upsets, dry throat, insomnia, and heartbeat.

Those with heart yin deficiency need to pay attention to less fatigue, less sweating, and more food to eat the heart, such as American ginseng 3 grams, Ophiopogon 3?
5 grams, or eat rock sugar jujube millet porridge, or eat lily powder and white fungus lotus seeds.

銆€銆€Fourth, don’t eat cold food right away.

Do not eat food that has just been taken out of the refrigerator.

People’s chronic temperature is generally around 36 掳 C, and the food just taken out of the refrigerator is only 2 掳 C?
At 8 掳 C, the gastrointestinal tract is prone to diarrhea after being strongly stimulated by low temperature.

Therefore, the food taken from the refrigerator should be eaten at room temperature for a while.

銆€銆€Fifth, pay attention to the quality of sleep, pay attention to a reasonable supplementary structure.

Have enough sleep.

In the summer, the elderly are prone to physical and psychological fatigue, languid, just want to lie on the bed, do not want to eat, do not want to participate in social activities, just want to stay at home.

In such a situation, the elderly should go out outdoors, interact with people, travel more or go to the park to enjoy the scenery, and change to “bitter summer” to enjoy the summer.

銆€銆€Sixth, the arrival of early summer, the temperature difference between day and night is still going on, and it is necessary to add clothes in the morning and evening.

銆€銆€In the summer season, health care should be prevented from entering the four major mistakes: drinking more beer can relieve the summer and drink more beer, which is to dissolve the heat and avoid serious symptoms.

On a hot summer day, drinking beer does have a cool feeling.

However, drink more people feel dry mouth and dry skin, body heat.

Because beer contains alcohol, if you drink too much at a time, the alcohol content entering the body will be too high.
If you continue to drink beer, the “hot” feeling caused by alcohol will continue, thirst, and sweating symptoms will increase.

銆€銆€The sooner the morning exercise is, the better. Many people think that the sooner the summer morning exercise, the better.

In fact, before dawn or when the sky is bright, the air is not fresh, which is not conducive to fitness.

According to expert research, before 6 o’clock in the summer, the anomalies in the air are the least likely to spread, which is the peak of pollution.
In addition, before sunrise, there was not much fresh oxygen around the green plants because there was no photosynthesis.

Too much practice in the morning is easy to catch a cold, causing joint pain, stomach pain and other complications.

Therefore, the morning exercise time in summer should not be earlier than 6 o’clock.

銆€銆€Lixia indicates the beginning of summer. At this time, living habits and diet should be paid special attention to avoid bad habits. Lixia should also pay attention to clearing heat and heat, let’s take a look!