How to deal with – the psychological gap of the elderly –


How to deal with: the psychological gap of the elderly?

Why do these retired elderly people have these abnormal situations?

The reporter interviewed the teacher Li Peiyang, an expert on the problem of old age.

Teacher Li said that if a retired old man can be psychologically prepared before he retire, it will be more likely to accept changes in social roles, and there will be no sense of loss and loneliness, and no abnormal behavior will occur.

After retiring from the army’s writing work, Zheng Lao not only did not feel lost, but was more able to concentrate on writing things. He wrote more than 400 lyrics in one year.

He used to be the backbone of the entertainment in the unit. Now he often teaches others to sing, and he simply does not feel that he is retiring.

銆€銆€Some suggestions for retired people: First, there must be a correct view of retirement.

Regardless of the position, people always have a day of retirement. This is an inevitable process in the life course.

銆€銆€Second, let the mind and behavior advance in place.

Before retiring, talk less about retirees as appropriate.

To be a leader, take less bus rides and less entertainment.

銆€銆€Third, retired elderly people should observe more social phenomena, participate in some social activities, and exert their own residual heat and expertise.

銆€銆€Fourth, retired old people should be good at learning, pay attention to the old use, and have an old-fashioned attitude. They should not be able to learn the useless ideas and not seek advancement.

銆€銆€Fifth, we must enrich the life of the elderly, expand our social circle, circle of friends, re-form a new range of life, understand different life, and enrich our lives.

銆€銆€Sixth, if the economy allows, you can also accompany travel or participate in fishing, mountain climbing and other activities.

In addition, family understanding and help is very important.

The role of his wife is huge. He should help him or her to be mentally prepared in advance. For example, they can discuss with each other what they are going to do after retirement. They are going to travel or doing some sideline business, so that they can relax completely psychologically and cope with it.

In addition, the children of retired elderly people should also relax in language, comfort the elderly and chat with the elderly.

If the elderly like sports, buy them some sports equipment and magazines, encourage them to develop hobbies, and help them adapt to the new life after retirement.