[How Women Enhance Sexual Ability]_Sexual Ability_Women_Enhancement Methods_How to Enhance

[How Women Enhance Sexual Ability]_Sexual Ability_Women_Enhancement Methods_How to Enhance

In the sexual life between husband and wife, many women have poor sexual abilities, which often affects the quality of sex and threatens the relationship.

But at this time, most women will feel embarrassed and unwilling to consult a doctor for improvement.

So today I will focus on the methods that can help improve sexual performance, let’s take a look.

First, keep blood circulation in the lower body unobstructed.

Do not wear tight-fitting body shapers, jeans that are too tight, and pants that are too tight, which can cause poor blood circulation in the lower body and seriously affect the health of private parts.

Second, keep the abdomen warm.

Coldness in the lower body directly leads to cold women’s palaces. In addition to cold hands and feet and dysmenorrhea, it will lead to weak sexual desire and lack of desire.

The congestion caused by the cold in the palace leads to an increase in leucorrhea and a decline in the vaginal health environment, which leads to pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis.

Therefore, to keep the lower body warm, women can avoid many gynecological diseases.

Traditional Chinese medicine often says “warm the pregnant woman”, as long as the uterus and pelvic qi and blood flow through, you can eliminate nature and conceive a baby.

Therefore, the healthy, “lucky pregnant” belly is warm and soft.

Third, keep your private parts dry and breathable.

Female genitals are moist all year round. If adequate ventilation is available, it can reduce the possibility of gynecological diseases.

Too much moisture in the private area can easily lead to fungal vaginitis.

Minimize the use of impermeable sanitary pads.

Do not sit for long periods of time. Lack of exercise in the lower body can lead to pelvic congestion, which is not good for the heart and blood vessels, and will cause female breasts to sag.

Persistence in exercise and strengthening the strength of the lumbar and abdominal muscles have a great effect on maintaining the body and preventing various gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease, and can also improve the quality of sexual life.

In general, as long as female friends can notice the above aspects in life, they can help improve sexual abilities properly, and boots can also promote the harmony of sexual life.

In fact, Xiaobian suggested that women must face up to sex, do not always have shameful thoughts, or it will bring adverse effects.