Make love 3 best time

Make love 3 “best time”

Lead: We are more willing to believe that we can jump to bed and have sex at any time of the day.
The problem is just that there is no time or mood.
According to our point of view, the best time to make love is when both people have desires and have time on the notebook.
Whether it is early morning, noon or dinner time.
Can the pleasure we get the same?
Far from it.
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Women pay more attention to the atmosphere and enjoyment in the process of making love, so they can hardly tolerate each other and kiss each other without brushing their teeth, whispering face to face.
In addition, the morning time is often in a hurry, it is difficult to slowly warm up, often quickly enter the role, quick-fix, no warmth and whispers after sex, which is why women do not like to have sex in the morning.
銆€銆€But if you refuse the request of a man who has already burned, there are many ills: he will be upset and don’t want to have breakfast; his desire to stay in his body, he only thinks about it all day.
Solution: If you are not a fan of sex in the morning, except for the weekend, get up before him, shower, make breakfast, put on the outfit and sit at the table to make coffee.
In short, don’t evoke his desires unless you have desires.
銆€銆€12 noon to 2 noon Choosing this time period to have sex has at least one benefit: dieting.
It is very appropriate to be physically active at this time.
The three hours of work in the morning will not overwhelm us, and we will have a taste of meeting with our lover.
We rushed into the room and couldn’t wait to lock the door, warmly kissing, letting the fire burn.
銆€銆€At this time, although sex is very enjoyable, there are many ills.
When you shower out and expect the lover to hug you, you find that he has been stripped of his clothes and is waiting for you in the quilt. Next to the littering shoes and socks, you feel that the purpose of the two people is too direct, and it is a bit disappointing.
Thinking of going back to the office in the afternoon, you also lacked a leisurely mood.
When two people walked out of the room and hurriedly bid farewell to the office, they felt tired and bored.
Another drawback is that the breadcrumbs of the sandwich will fill your desk in the afternoon, because you are too hungry.
銆€銆€Nap time This time is very suitable for men, because women often complain that men fall asleep immediately after making love, even in the middle of the night, they should whisper with the female partner to have the right to close their eyes.
In the nap, when you finish your love, you will fall asleep and no one will blame him.
銆€銆€Many people only have a nap on weekends, and it is too hot outside or it is raining outside.
The sound of the screaming reminds people to sleep, the sound of the rain is like a lullaby, the belly is full, and the mind is faint. At this time, making love is purely boring and the other is close at hand.
There is no intense action and no urgent desire. There is always some life in the nap time, and it is not easy to reach the climax.
In short, scholars tell us that when the tiredness is too strong and the stomach is too supportive, it is best not to have sex, otherwise it will be a headache when you wake up in the afternoon.