Health stickers: health knowledge is properly dropped!


Health stickers: health knowledge is properly dropped!

When you are young, give up health and gain wealth; when you are old, you will give up all your wealth to restore your health.

Although making money is important, health is more important.

People can do a lot of stupid things in their lives, but the most stupid thing is to ignore health.

With the continuous development of all aspects of the economy, people nowadays are getting healthier.

Today, Xiaobian is going to give everyone Amway some health stickers. Please let me know!

1, the diet is light, the spring is easy to get angry, the tongue is yellow, the mouth is bitter and dry, so the diet should be light, avoid greasy, cold and irritating food.

People with obvious symptoms of fire can eat some clear-fire foods such as mung bean soup, honeysuckle tea, chrysanthemum tea, lotus seed water and so on.

Xingan’s products help Chunyang to have some pungent things, such as onions, ginger, leeks, garlic, etc. are all spring food.

2, less acid, sweeter, spleen and stomach, Chinese medicine believes that when the liver is one of the five internal organs of the human body in the spring, it is appropriate to eat the food of Xin Wensheng, and the cold and sticky things should eat less, so as not to hurt the spleen and stomach, so the spring should be appropriateEat more sweet foods, eat less sour foods, yellow-green vegetables, prevent spring blight, “spring sleepy” make people tired, lack of energy, should eat red yellow and dark green vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, tomatoes, green peppers, celeryWait, it is good for restoring energy and eliminating the spring storm.

3, fine selection of food and less disease in the spring temperature gradually increased, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms also began to breed, vitality, easy to invade the human body and cause disease.

Therefore, you should get enough vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Tower vegetables, kale, broccoli and other fresh vegetables and citrus, lemon and other fruits, vitamin C, have antiviral effects; carrots, spinach and other yellow-green vegetables, vitamin A, have protective and enhance the upper respiratory tract mucosa and respiratory organs of the epitheliumThe function of the cells, which can resist the invasion of various pathogenic factors, is conducive to spring health.

4, high blood pressure diseases should be careful of stomach and duodenal ulcers and other diseases easily in the spring, diet should avoid the intake of creatin, sorghum and other materials rich in broth, chicken soup, fish soup, animal offal and irritationSeasonings, because these foods have the effect of stimulating gastric secretion or the formation of gas to produce bloating, increasing the burden of dialysis.

Avoid using these in spring health foods.

5, support lung safety and chronic bronchitis, bronchitis is also easy to attack in the spring, should eat more food, such as sputum, orange, pear, walnut, honey, etc.Helps relieve symptoms and is the first choice for spring health.

Precautions for health: 1, more poultry and less animal care for the meat, people love and fear.

Love is because it is nutritious and has a good taste. It is feared that because of its high trace content, it is easy to be associated with hyperlipidemia and even coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other diseases.

How to solve this problem?

One of the tricks is to eat more poultry and eat less meat.

Livestock meat feces contain more saturated fatty acids and higher cholesterol, while goose, duck, chicken and other poultry are only a small amount, and the structure containing feces is closer to olive oil, so it has a protective effect on the heart.

2, more raw and less cooked to reduce carcinogens cooked meat products are convenient to eat, taste is good, you may prefer cooked meat products.

However, you will commit the mistake of implanting nitrite.

Because in the process of making cooked meat products, nitrite is added, the purpose is to prevent corrosion.

However, once nitrite enters the human body, it can be broken down into a substance with strong carcinogenic effects, nitrosamines, which threaten health.

3, more reduction of less oxidative activity brain so-called oxidized food, refers to those those over-peroxidized lipid compounds, fried foods, instant noodles, hamburgers and so on.

These foods can oxidize in the human body, damage the blood vessel wall, narrow the brain blood vessels, and cause bad stimulation to the physiological activities of the brain.

The reduced food contains carotene, superoxide dismutase and other ingredients, which can prevent the oxidation reaction of the cerebral vascular wall, or “reduction” of the already occurring oxidation reaction, and ensure the healthy state of the cerebral blood vessels.

4, multi-plasma oligosperm protection vascular experts found that a substance called homocysteine, if the concentration in the blood is too high, it will cause arteriosclerosis, eventually leading to myocardial infarction, stroke and old ageDementia.

The reason why homocysteine in the blood rises is that eating more and more finely processed foods is one of the reasons.

5, the nutritional value of the green, white, and longevity vegetables is related to the depth of color.

The darker the vegetables, the more vitamins and carotene, the less the opposite.

The order of discharge according to this rule is: green vegetables, red and yellow vegetables, white vegetables.

Green vegetables are also high in calcium phosphate, folic acid and vitamin C.

Drinking water knowledge: First, when drinking water is not thirsty, when thirsty, the body’s water has lost its balance, and the cells begin to dehydrate. It is too late to drink water.

Second, do not drink too much, so drinking water causes difficulty in adapting the stomach and causing adverse consequences.

The predecessors advocated: “Don’t want to drink and drink too much,” this is a scientific method to prevent thirst from drinking.

Third, it is not advisable to drink water before and at rest, because drinking water before eating and eating will dilute the digestive juice, which is not conducive to the digestion and absorption of food.

Fourth, drink some water in the morning to get up, can supplement the water consumed overnight, reduce blood concentration, promote blood circulation, and maintain normal levels of body fluids.Diet: 1, to add enough protein, fish, meat, eggs, milk and beans as well; to add vitamins: fresh fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, watermelon, bayberry, melon, peach, plum, etc., especially rich in vitamin C;Vitamin B, a carbohydrate in cereals, beans, animal liver, lean meat, and eggs.

To replenish water and inorganic salts: Eat high-potassium foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans or soy products, kelp, and eggs.

Eat more hot and humid foods such as watermelon, bitter gourd, peach, ebony, strawberry, tomato, cucumber, mung bean, etc.

2, the diet should be light, less greasy, should be based on warm food.

The most common ones are: eating chili can promote perspiration, help digestion, increase appetite, and have certain benefits.

The method of eating warm is very simple, that is, drinking porridge.

In the morning and dinner, drink the mung bean porridge with tonifying kidney and edema, spleen and qi spleen lotus porridge can relieve heat, clear stomach and intestines, quench thirst and detoxify lotus leaf porridge, moisten lung and cough, nourish the heart and soothe lily porridge or white fungusPorridge, porridge, etc., are all very beneficial.

Common sense: 1, in the hot summer season, in order to prevent cold air, should pay attention to indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not be too large, not more than 5 掳 C is better, indoor temperature is not lower than 25 掳 C; open air-conditioned rooms do not close for a long time, should be frequently ventilatedAfter going to sleep, it is best to turn off the air conditioner.

When feeling cool indoors, be sure to stand up and move your limbs and body to accelerate blood circulation; patients with chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, especially elderly and joint pain patients, do not stay in the long-termIn an air-conditioned environment.

2, summer heat evil, the most common is heat stroke.

At the same time, the summer is hot, often annoying, and the annoyance is hotter, so Ning Xin is especially important.

First, there must be something to do, but the spirit can not be empty; the second is to have a better spiritual cultivation, which can avoid the interference of bad emotions in the exclusion zone.

3, summer body yang is outside, vaginal gas, gastric juice secretion is relatively reduced, digestive function is low, so avoid eating overeating cold drinks.

In addition, do not eat cold drinks after sweating, especially some patients with chronic diseases, have to choose a cold drink.

Such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic bronchitis, should not eat frozen food; gastric ulcer, hyperacidity, should not use more sour cold drinks; diabetes, should not use sugary drinks.

Also note that drinking a drink is not a substitute for drinking water. It is good for tea or tea. Warm tea is an ideal drink in summer.

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