[How to stew pork feet with Gastrodia elata]_How to do_How to do

[How to stew pork feet with Gastrodia elata]_How to do_How to do

Gastrodia is a more common medicinal material in our lives. This kind of medicinal material is also used as a seasoning and is used in the process of stewing. A relatively famous dish is called Gastrodia stewed pork feet. The main ingredient in it is pig feet.And Gastrodia, it is used as a medicated diet, because it has the effect of nourishing Chen Jing tonic, and many people who are weak will drink it. So what is the method of stewing pork feet with Gastrodia?

Gastrodia is a medicinal material and a gourmet. Too much Gastrodia is used in life, such as stewed trotters.

Gastrodia stewed trotters is a traditional medicinal diet stew, which has a unique effect, and Gastrodia and pig brain are relatively nourishing food, Qufeng Kaiqiao, blood circulation, sedation, nourishing.

It can enhance brain nutrition, remove wind and cold, treat dizziness, head wind, headache, and alleviate neurasthenia.

This food is suitable for a variety of diseases such as dry-demand hypertension, neurasthenia, hemiplegia, vascular disease, etc., and Gastrodia has a sedative and analgesic effect, lowering blood pressure, is very beneficial to the human body, and you should pay attentionDosage, overeating can cause weight gain.

There are two ways to cook Gastrodia stewed trotters. Let’s first look at the first method.

Gastrodia was washed, put into a bowl, added cooking wine, steamed with sugar for about 40 minutes, and sliced.

Add pig brain to casserole, add pepper water, shallot segments, ginger slices, salt and boiling water, and simmer over high heat.

Remove the shallot section, ginger slices, add gastrodia chips, monosodium glutamate, and pour in sesame oil after boiling.

Now it is the second method. Gastrodia is washed, sliced, and pig brain washed.

Add pig brain and gastrodiae to the enamel basin and simmer.

Gastrodia stewed trotters have Qufeng Kaiqiao, blood circulation, sedation, nourishing.

Suitable for liver deficiency type hypertension, arteriosclerosis, Meniere’s syndrome, dizziness, dizziness and cerebrovascular accident caused by hemiplegia.