a psychological trap that is inevitable in life journey

What kind of world does a person have?

Man is the psychological slave of his own concept.

The success or failure of a person’s life, honor and disgrace, gains and losses, all play a huge role because of their own ideas.

In order to make our mood happy and spiritually relaxed, we must change the wrong ideas in our minds, paranoid thinking inertia, learn to give up, learn to let go, and learn to forget.

  1, fantasy—–the giant of thought, the dwarf of action when people encounter setbacks or difficult problems, they are out of touch with reality, and they put themselves into the world of imagination, the price of women’s bags, in an attempt to fictionalThe way to deal with setbacks is to be satisfied.

Daydreaming is an illusion. If daydreaming replaces the maximal action, it will become a means of escaping from reality, or it may become a sign of perversion in the heart and develop into a fantasy.

Fantasy is beautiful, reality is cruel.

Fantasy is just a feeling. If you want to have a good life, you should be based on reality. Especially when you are a human being, you must not be unrealistic. Otherwise, you cannot solve the problem and seek change and development.

  2, Negative—–Retracting from reality to people who evade negativeness often gives people a false impression that they do not admire fame and fortune. In fact, their hearts are extremely empty and they are negative in their treatment of things.

This kind of person does not want to do anything, do nothing, even have the ability to be strong, and will never accomplish anything in life.

Negative and positive lies in the difference between perception and understanding.

Walking on the road of life with too much information, too much desire and too much competition, we always have a few worries, how many times, there will always be some helplessness.

But for the success of the cause and the happiness of life, a positive attitude must be established.

Give yourself a hope every day, you will have a good mood, and your mentality is often your true master.

  3, conceited—–self-expanding self-expansion of the ignorant is very important, this is beyond doubt, but if “excessive” self-confidence will become “self-confidence.”

There is a degree between “confidence” and “confidence”, but many people are self-expanding because of their success, so that they surround the conceited trap.

Conceit is sometimes manifested as arrogance, self-confessed to be omnipotent, overestimated to remember yourself, look down on people around.

Therefore, conceited people often encircle the arrogance and eventually fail.

  4, sloppy —- the root cause of the loser This situation often occurs in life, some people do not consider when encountering things, rushed to decide and then regret, and sometimes even irretrievable situation.

However, there is no regret medicine in this world. We cannot predict tomorrow, so the success or failure of many things often depends on whether we are cautious or sloppy.

Some people fail, perhaps because they lack thinking and preparation, and those who are intelligent and intelligent have always taken good care before taking action, so that such people are the easiest to succeed.

  5, arrogance —– not to support the dignity of the common saying: “The sky does not speak high, the ground does not speak for itself.

“In general, the more people know the more things, the more modest they will be, and the less they know, the less arrogant people will be, the more arrogant, so we can say that arrogance is a combination of vanity and ignorance.

Excessively arrogant people put on a “toe-high Yang, can not be one” attitude, which makes them often resentful of others, making them hit the wall everywhere, unable to walk.

  6, suspicious ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

But guessing is one of the weaknesses of human nature, and it has always been the bane of harming others.

I wonder if people are habitually going to the bad and negative aspects of everything around them. Once a person falls into the trap of suspicion, they are allergic to everything, and let others have doubts about themselves. This is normal.Interpersonal relationships are unfavorable, and suspicion will eventually put yourself in tension and worry.

  7, luxury —– when you have money, when you have no money, hungry and extravagant is a poison. Once it is contaminated, it will spread continuously, and the speed of transmission will be very fast, and the scope will be wide. One person will pursueLuxury life, then, the people around you will soon be extravagant.

Waste is the biggest crime. If you waste time, it is consuming life; if you waste money, then you are on the road to destruction.

  8, autism —– painting the ground for the prison, shutting the world out of the door to close themselves, can avoid the wind and rain, but the sun can not enter.

A person who can open his heart and meet the sun will never be autistic.

If you have the same mentality, you will not lose yourself in the loss of depression, and you will not lose your direction.

It is a positive attitude towards life to correctly estimate your own value and let yourself continue to “add value.” This way, your life will not be spent in vain, and you will feel that every day is valuable.

  9, paranoia —– focus on the self-existence of the persistence, the mind, do not echo with the sound, not with the world ups and downs, this is undoubtedly a good quality worthy of praise, but should be based on disobedience, not partiality.

Whether it is to be a person or to do things, the mind should have a dialectical point of view, keep a glimpse of it, sit on the ground, observe your prejudice as truth, and die until you realize it. This is a taboo for people to live. If we cannot correct this attitude in time,It is very likely that you will be mistaken into the corner of life and you will not be able to come out.

  10, quick success and instant benefit —– not thinking about the long-term “myopia” quick-sighted people with short-sighted eyes, a leaf blind, not see Taishan, as long as you smell sesame, you will forget the watermelon sweet.

Their vision can only be seen in front of the eyes, that is, “a headache, a painful foot,” is a consistent behavior of quick success.

In order to see the situation in front of us, these people can ignore the interests of the future, only to find a moment of happiness, and not long-term consideration.The result is often not worth the candle.

  11, greed —– the root cause of the poverty of the soul in the real life, can not have no desire, want to fill in the greed, the desire for money, so that many people become greedy.

It is true that money is the basic guarantee for people’s lives, but after solving the needs of life, they cannot be blindly greedy.

There is a saying in the old saying: “More greed is worse than less.

“The desire of people for money should have a degree. If it exceeds the degree, it is necessary to find a way to stop yourself, and not to be overly greedy for the result of regret.

  12, no principle —– Broken moral interests are often sought after in life, and even some people like to draw everything equal to their interests.

When you get along with your loved ones, friends, and other people, you always focus on your own interests.

It is true that for many people, the benefits are very important, but if the interests are regarded as the norms of their own work, then later, these people can only lift their own feet.

Sometimes the benefits will become traps for others to lure themselves, and those who are exemplified by interests are much more likely to fall into the trap than to jump over.