Two simple little motion tests how long you can live


Two simple little motion tests how long you can live

Two simple sit-downs and standing movements can predict your life.

Do you believe?

銆€銆€According to the British “Daily Mail” report, researchers at the University of Gamamelo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, developed the Sit-Up Test (SRT) to test patient flexibility and strength.

They also created a scoring system and found that the amount of content is closely related to mortality.

銆€銆€Researchers at the Clinimex Sports Medicine Clinic in Rio de Janeiro, 2002, 51 years old?
An 80-year-old adult has undergone an SRT test. In the process of sitting down or standing up, if someone uses his hand or stepping on it, he will be deducted one point, and the loss of balance will be deducted by 0.

5 points.

The study, published in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases, showed that in a total score of 10 points, the chances of dying within six years increased by four times compared to those who scored more than 8 points.
Participants who scored 8 points in a wonderful segment had a double chance of dying in six years.

For every additional point in the test, 21% of deaths due to various causes can be reduced.

How to conduct SRT testing?


Choose comfortable clothes and bare feet to make sure there is enough room to test.


Do not support anything, lower the posture from the previous state and sit cross-legged.


Stand up again, but do not allow support with both hands, contractions or arms.


Let others rate you.

The total score is 10 points, and the actions of sitting and standing up are 5 points respectively.

If you use the hand and contract, deduct a point; obviously shake the unbalanced buckle 0.

5 points.
銆€銆€Laudio Araugil was one of the first doctors to develop this test.

The test was originally used to quickly assess the athlete’s body, but Araugil now uses it on patients to convince them to stay active to maintain their muscle strength and balance, and to stay alive.

銆€銆€As we age, the muscles of the body become weaker and weaker, and the loss of balance means that the body is more likely to fall.

Alaugil added that the current method of testing whether the body is weak may be time consuming, but the SRT does not require any equipment and is suitable for everyone.

銆€銆€Experts say that SRT’s assessment of musculoskeletal health can significantly predict 51?
Mortality of the 80-year-old population.

銆€銆€However, physiotherapist Sami Margo said that the scope of this test is limited, and because of cultural differences, the British are not used to sitting on the floor for a long time, and may be more suitable for the elderly in the UK.

Therefore, the breadth of life expectancy is not very accurate.

銆€銆€The British physiotherapist suspected of choosing another test to measure how many times the patient could repeat the sit-up action in 30 seconds.

銆€銆€She said that the “30-second chair test” as a means of predicting life is more appropriate.

Simple, fast, and better to reduce balance.

Three weeks to complete the beautiful buttocks


Three weeks to complete the beautiful buttocks

Hollywood’s star fitness coach Radu explained the key to us.

He said that it is concentration. “You must feel every movement of the body very focused.

Otherwise, the result you get can only be half the effort.”

銆€銆€It is very necessary to keep outdoor sports.

Keep on jogging once a week, half an hour at a time, with some simple moves, this is the basis of Radu’s beautiful buttocks program.

銆€銆€At the beginning, each action is repeated for 20 seconds, and gradually can be increased to 60 seconds.

銆€銆€Short-term full-speed running: can effectively lift the hips or legs to try to jump up.

It may seem a bit silly, but it is necessary to beautify the lines of the head.

Radu Elite: “Any kind of jumping exercise will help the hips.

Kicking: Try to lift your heels to your hips while jogging or walking. Please keep your workout warm.

Radu reveals the secrets of the interiors offered to the stars.

Start with a frequency of 10 repetitions per set, and then gradually increase by 5 times until it reaches 25 sets per set.

銆€銆€Lie down on the back, carbon dioxide flat on both sides, combined with bending.

Slowly lift your right leg and gently place your left leg on top right.

Slowly lift the pelvis, keep the hips and thighs tight, lower, then again, then change legs.

銆€銆€Face down, with both hands and into the body, lift the straight at the same time, straighten the legs, try to lift up, point the toes to the ceiling, do it up and down 10 times, pay attention to keep the legs straight.

Then change legs.
銆€銆€Prone, put your hands on your lower jaw, lift your chin, straighten your legs, and open slightly.

Raise the left leg to the right, then lower it; then lift the right leg to the left.

You can stop by alternately moving the legs about 10 times.

銆€銆€When exercising, it is very important to disrupt the sequence of these movements: “The regular exercise allows you to relax your attention and reduce your muscle stimulation.
Radu paper.

Stick to the above exercise, one hour at a time, 4-5 times a week.

After 3-4 weeks, you will see your beautiful sexy back curve from the mirror!

How to treat fungal vaginitis in Chinese medicine, recommend 4 therapeutic prescriptions


How to treat fungal vaginitis in Chinese medicine, recommend 4 therapeutic prescriptions

Fungal vaginitis is a vaginitis caused by Candida infection, and there are many treatments.

So how is Chinese medicine treated?

In addition to traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, it can also be treated by diet conditioning. Here are four recommended therapeutics for the treatment of fungal vaginitis.

Dietary treatment of fungal vaginitis 1, pig liver verbena prepared 60 grams of pig liver, 30 grams of verbena, cut into small pieces, and mix well, cover the bowl with a lid and steam for 30 minutes.

This method can effectively treat genital itching, excessive vaginal discharge, etc., and has the effects of clearing heat, detoxifying and dampness.

In addition, white radish and vinegar: the white radish is squeezed into juice in advance, and the genital area is cleaned with acetic acid every night, and then scrubbed with white radish juice. It can also be scrubbed deeply. The feasible method can effectively treat genital itching and excessive leucorrhea.

2, the former grass stewed pork belly first cleaned the plantain, pork belly, pig belly cut into small pieces, add water, salt, stew for 30 minutes, drink soup to eat belly, long-term use can treat the amount of vaginal discharge caused by various infections, color yellow, smell, and so on.

3, ginkgo egg white egg treatment of vaginal discharge, color yellow will peel the heart and white heart, a hole in the end of the egg, the fruit into the hole, and use a wet paper paste to the hole, the egg can be used after cooking, mainly for treatmentExcessive fatigue caused by increased vaginal discharge, color yellow and other symptoms.

4, green radish mud will clean the green radish, and chopped into a muddy paste.

Pack about two tablespoons of radish puree with sterile gauze and make a roll, one end tied with a string.

Wash the vagina with potassium permanganate solution, insert the gauze into the vagina, and pull it back and forth.

Or put it into the vagina for about 1 hour at the time of autumn and winter, and the alternative method can effectively treat trichomonas vaginitis.

I don’t want to sleep in the fairy side — the habits that longevity people attach great importance to


“I don’t want to sleep in the fairy side” — the habits that longevity people attach great importance to

From ancient times to the present, the long-lived people of all ages have attached great importance to the quality of sleep, and there is also the saying that “there is no such thing as a sleeping party”.

I feel well, and all the organs in my body can be effectively maintained and adequately supplied. It is the simplest and most comfortable way to maintain health!

Although this method of health is very simple, but sleep is not close to the eyes to sleep, unhealthy sleep is very hurt, and even quietly cultivated potatoes.

The following five sleep habits, if you have one of them, you have to change it.

First, with a “qi” to sleep a Western study found, with a sober state index, sleep may make your memory of bad experiences more serious, those pictures that make you angry will continue to appear.

Being angry and angry before going to bed can make people’s heart beat faster, have shortness of breath, and have thousands of thoughts, leading to insomnia or seriously affecting the quality of sleep.

The arrhythmia caused by anger is more and more confusing and more serious than the general arrhythmia, so it is the most deadly. Strong emotions like anger may interrupt the heart rhythm and endanger life.

When women are angry, they are prone to long spots, accelerate brain cell aging, lead to gastric ulcers and myocardial hypoxia, and may even cause hyperthyroidism and high blood pressure.

Clinically, many cancer patients have experienced fractures (such as divorced, widowed, lost, and unemployed) before the onset of illness.

In other words, cancer is more like entanglement with people who like to be angry or always want to open.

Reason: If you are angry and then sleep, if you are very angry, you must confide it. You must not be sulking.

In addition, the human body also comes with 3 gas-removing valves, so it may be possible to open it in time and vent the anger like a flood.

1, too red hole love sulking, worried, upset people, massage the feet, can quickly make people refreshed, calm.

This is because this is the location of the Taichong Point, which is one of the important acupuncture points on the human foot and the liver and the liver. It is also called the 鈥渄egassing point鈥?

Method: Press the acupuncture points with the thumb and the abdomen to make the local feeling of soreness of the fracture. Press 鎻? each time?
5 minutes.

2, the location of the Laogong acupoints in the Laogong Cave belongs to the hand-filled yin heart, and the pericardium plays a protective role on the heart.

Massage the labor palace, you can pressurize and calm the nerves, calming the brain.

Method: When you get angry, lick your palm.

When people are about to get angry, can they lightly clench their fists and use their middle fingers to lick their palms?
2 minutes, can penetrate the role of clear heart fire.

3, Baihui points emotionally excited, according to the top of the head.

If you feel your emotions start to get excited, headache, dizziness, chest tightness, insomnia, etc., sit down and press your head to release the “qi” on the “source”.

Method: There is an important acupoint at the top of the head, namely Baihui.

Press with your fingers for 7 seconds and then let go, for 7 times in a row, to relieve symptoms and refresh your mind.

Second, before eating a full-time Chinese medicine, “the stomach is not right, it is uncomfortable”, eating too much before going to bed, in the process of sleep, the stomach is still nervous “overtime work.”

The bad stimuli generated at this time will be transmitted to the brain, causing people to have multiple dreams, insomnia or symptoms of deep sleep.

More dreams or small things, if you are full before going to bed, the blood will be concentrated in the digestive tract, so that the blood in other parts (especially the coronary artery) is relatively reduced, which is easy to cause heart attack and heart cramps. The nighttime myocardial infarction is like this.

Late night sickness, it is really called doping every day, called the ground is not working.

Reason: At night, I firmly filled a lot of middle-aged and old friends with diligence and saving inertia. When I didn’t want to stop eating overnight, I didn’t want to dump it, so I went into my stomach. This habit must be changed!

Eat this mouth at night, which will affect sleep, and may lead to myocardial infarction, stomach disease, diabetes, etc., which is much more harmful than waste!

Third, excessive exercise before going to bed Some people think that exercise before going to bed, can make people more tired, so it is easier to fall asleep.

In fact, doing excessive exercise before going to bed will make the nerve cells that control the muscle activity of the brain appear extremely excited, which is not conducive to improving the quality of sleep.

Reason: Lacing before going to bed, helping too many old Chinese medicine practitioners have the habit of massaging Yongquan points before going to bed. In addition to massage, they can also properly pull the tendons.

As the saying goes, the rib is one inch long and has a long life of ten years. The two lacing movements can be done in bed.

1, legs and legs, straighten the legs apart, toes hook back, hands on the toes, the body slowly pressed down.

When practicing, you don’t have to deliberately pursue the feeling of sticking your legs to the legs. As long as the big tendons behind the legs have a sense of stretch, you should not use brute force.

The thigh fractures are liver and kidney meridians, liver blood, and kidney essence.
Pressing the two legs down, you can stretch the liver and kidney, replenish the liver and kidney, and nourish the body for blood.

2, the toes back hook legs straight and together, the toes back hook, hands grasping the toes, the body slowly pressed down, as long as the big ribs on the back side of the thighs have the feeling of stretching.
This is a way to help the bladder detoxification. The longer it lasts, the better.

Fourth, drinking tea before going to bed contains caffeine and other substances, which will stimulate the central nervous system and make people excited.

If you drink tea before going to bed, especially strong tea, the central nervous system will be more excited, making it difficult for people to fall asleep.

Reason: When you drink a small cup of warm water, your heart rate slows down. If you don’t drink water, the blood is concentrated, the blood flow is slow, and the next morning is prone to blood clots.

Drinking a small glass of water before going to bed can reduce the risk of myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, and cerebral thrombosis.

But just drink a small cup on the line, a little two or three mouths, otherwise it may have to start the night, also affecting sleep.

Fifth, to use an inappropriate pillow to have a good night’s sleep, you must first have a good pillow.

Too low a pillow can easily lead to “slipping the pillow”, swelling of the mind, and swelling of the eyelids; too high a pillow will affect the smoothness of the respiratory tract, leading to discomfort.

Measures: The pillow is low in the middle of the depression, and the high-intensity health-care pillow between the two is elastic and easy to recover. It can well control the posture of the person during sleep, and has the function of supporting and protecting the cervical vertebra.Get a better rest.

When purchasing, choose a pillow of the right height according to your situation.

What kind of bathing method is helpful for health


What kind of bathing method is helpful for health

Core tip: People take a bath every day, but maybe, your daily bathing method is wrong.

Taking a proper bath will allow you to get health benefits during the bathing process.

銆€銆€First, “diligent inhalation” treatment of dyspepsia, loss of appetite, you can enter the bath 30 minutes before meals, use hot water to stimulate the stomach, after the body is warm, then use hot water to spray water around the chest, every 5 seconds of rest for 1 minute, repeat 5 times; bath can first bubble 20 in hot water?
30 minutes, while abdominal breathing (inhale from the nose, let the abdomen bulge, and then exhale from the mouth), and then stimulate the body with a little cold water, this hot and cold water stimulation can promote gastric secretion and increase appetite.

And people with too much stomach acid, stomach and duodenal ulcers, soak in hot water 3?
4 minutes, can control the secretion of gastric acid, eliminate and control the disease.

銆€銆€Second, “stomach belly” treatment of constipation bathing in the palm of the hand can be massaged clockwise in the abdomen, while the abdomen drums a large mouth to breathe, and pressure, can treat chronic constipation and prevent hemorrhoids.

For neurological constipation, insert the intestine with hot water at 40 掳C for about 3 minutes, then rinse with warm water at 25 掳C for 10 seconds, and repeat 5 times to increase the peristalsis of the large intestine.

銆€銆€Therefore, although spraying saves time, it only causes irritation to the surface of the skin, and the internal organs cannot be converted.

It is best for showers in the morning, so that you can wake up the body, and you can attract work and study during the day, and take a bath in the tub for 1 to 2 hours before going to bed.

銆€銆€Third, “甯告悡鑴? relieves fatigue. Many people have this feeling. When you are tired, you will feel refreshed.

銆€銆€Because the face is distributed with a lot of expression muscles and sensitive nerves, heat can stimulate these nerves, and the face can accelerate the blood flow, while stretching the expression muscles. The speed of the face when taking a bath is once every second, and the face is 3 to 5 times.It will take 3 minutes.

銆€銆€It should be noted that 40 掳C warm water is the most ideal for eliminating fatigue, because the body temperature of the normal arm is 37 掳 C, the body temperature is 40 掳 C, 40 掳 C is the closest to the human body temperature.

If the water temperature is too high, it will consume more calories, which will not only eliminate fatigue, but will feel uncomfortable; if the water temperature is too low, the blood vessels will shrink and it is not easy to eliminate fatigue.

Health care is a word miscellaneous, and it is difficult to replace these five types of foods.


Health care is a word “miscellaneous”, and it is difficult to replace these five types of foods.

There are five colors of food in life, white food and cyan food, black food and red food, and yellow food. These five different colors have different effects on the human body.

Therefore, in the usual eating, you should keep the five-color food balanced and eliminate the health and health.

So what are the effects of the five-color foods of whole grains?

1, white food white food has a positive effect on the maintenance of the lungs, white food can enhance the lungs of the gas, can achieve the role of qi.

White food in life has white rice and coix seed, as well as yam and almonds.

People with problems in the lungs can eat more white food to maintain the lungs.

2, black food in the usual consumption of black food can supplement the role of kidney, can nourish the kidney, can prolong the effect of delaying aging and anti-cancer and beauty, and the effect of urinary swelling.

Therefore, people with rapid kidney deficiency can eat more black food to adjust, usually eat black rice, black sesame seeds and black beans and other grains to regulate the kidneys.

3, cyan food in the usual eat more cyan food, can compress the role of protecting the liver, can enhance the visceral gas, can penetrate the effect of clearing heat and detoxification and eyesight and liver.

Because cyan grains are rich in chlorophyll, they have a good regulation of the body’s metabolism, and often eat cyan grains to relieve stress and overcome the effects of migraine and other diseases.

Cyan grains, including mung beans and lentils, and peas.

4, red food red grains can play a role in protecting the heart, can enhance the heart of the gas, can improve the body’s immune function, especially red, rich in cereals, lycopene, can protect cells, enter the human bodyAfter that, you can enter the bloodstream, can well tonify blood and clean blood vessels, as well as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Eating red food in peacetime can prevent colds.

The red grains in the life, there are red dates and red beans, as well as glutinous and red kidney beans.

5, yellow food yellow grains are rich in carotene, also rich in vitamin d, can establish the role of maintaining the spleen, can also regulate the body’s metabolism, can improve the function of the organs.

Yellow grains include soybeans and millet, as well as grains such as peanuts and corn.

The ancients raised their life and life


The ancients raised their life and life

Don’t be partial to the “good things, not to be biased, to delay the illness, the evil things, not to abandon all, to abandon the dirty.”

“Food should be light” “small spirits and self-satisfaction”; diet should be “to fat, rich and salty”; “thin taste nourishing blood.”

銆€銆€Diet sometimes “not thirsty, strong food, spleen, not thirsty, strong stomach, bloating”; “to longevity, three meals abdomen according to the time”; “food taste reconciliation, all diseases are not born.

“When the temperature is good, the food should be warm, not cold”; “The drinker, the heat does not burn, the cold does not linger.”

“There is a limited amount of food.” If you have a diet, you will benefit from your health and your life will be good. If your diet is not good, your life will be damaged.” “Thirst is not a big drink, and you will not eat too much.”

“Food should be slow and gentle” diet relief health benefits for people three: nourish the liver; the spleen and stomach are easy to digest, not swallowing cough.

“Concentrate on eating”, you can’t talk, you can’t sleep.”

Conducive to digestion of the stomach.

銆€銆€Do not eat after the anger, “people must eat, have to worry”; “Do not eat after anger, do not anger after eating.”

A good mental state has great benefits in health care.

銆€銆€Choosing food should be cautious. “The princes are smothered and ruined. Don’t eat. The pigs and muttons are inedible. The exposed meat is not edible. The meat is not discolored.

“Post-meal health care” has been eaten several times, making people feel unbeaten in teeth, mouth-smelling, dental caries 36, so that the mouth is full, then food is easy to eliminate, benefit people without disease.

When you are full of food and lying, you can’t get enough food.


Small remedies for quick treatment of constipation and slimming


Small remedies for quick treatment of constipation and slimming

Constipation is a major cause of abdominal adult accumulation and a problem that is easy to occur in women’s weight loss.

If not cured early, it will cause a vicious circle of constipation and obesity.

So what about constipation?

I will teach you a few judges to constipate coups, help you to make constipation, and successfully lose weight as soon as possible.

銆€銆€1. Drink a cup of warm water every morning after getting up in the morning, and drink cold and white in summer.

銆€銆€2, each meal properly maintain “drink one eat two” that is to drink a bowl of soy milk or milk and corn porridge, eat two small sweet potatoes (can also be used to replace the steamed bread, potato).

Note that other staple foods should be reduced in moderation.

銆€銆€3, eat about 1 kg of green vegetables every day.

After each meal, it is best to eat a piece of radish, which has the effect of “burning heart”.

銆€銆€4, can do 2-3 times a day abdominal breathing, 1 time each morning and before going to bed, 5-20 minutes each time.

You can adjust your emotions on your back in bed, remove distracting thoughts, and stay in Dantian for deep breathing.

Contrast when inhaling.

Properly convex upwards, the action is slow, and the time is long.

銆€銆€When you exhale, your stomach will be concave, and it will be slow and long.

At the beginning, exhale 8-10 times per minute, gradually decreasing to 4-5 times per minute.

銆€銆€5, adhere to the abdomen 2-3 times a day.

In the morning, do abdominal breathing and then massage. In the evening, massage first and then do abdominal breathing. You can sit on your back and sit.

Remember that the two hands are hot after the heat, and use the palm of your hand to massage in a clockwise direction on the abdomen centered on the navel. The intensity is moderate, each time is more than 30-50 laps.

銆€銆€6, start about 20 minutes after each meal; walk for 20 to 30 minutes, if you have bad weather, you can walk indoors.

Because walking is the most simple way to promote bowel movements and lose weight.

銆€銆€Recommended treatment of constipation remedies: take appropriate amount of carrots, white radish, white radish scorpion, burdock and mushrooms, chopped, boiled and boiled.

These vegetables, which are more common in our lives, can be combined to cure constipation.

銆€銆€This remedy has a certain alleviating effect on dieting and weight loss, and the constipation caused by less fiber supplementation in food.

Because the common feature of the five raw materials in this remedy is that they contain a relatively high amount of dietary fiber, it can be said that this is a natural therapeutic side that promotes peristalsis and promotes defecation.


The effect of radish is well known. It is rich in crude fiber, can cause metabolic peristalsis, keep the stool smooth, and can lose weight and prevent colorectal cancer and colon cancer. White radish scorpion is also rich in supplemental fiber.


For shiitake mushrooms, it is a kind of high-protein, high-iron, low-fat, low-migration typical health food, and it is also a good medicine for treating diseases and diseases.

Each of the 100 grams of mushrooms contains dietary fiber 8 .

3 grams, chicken 2?
5 times.

Therefore, shiitake mushrooms can also play a role in promoting acute peristalsis and helping digestion.


The only thing that everyone is not familiar with is the burdock, which is a root-root vegetable, also known as Toyo radish, burdock, etc., which can be used as medicine.

It is rich in water and fiber, protein, vitamins, etc. Although it is not soft enough to eat, it can help the intestines to move, can eliminate flatulence and help defecation.

a psychological trap that is inevitable in life journey

What kind of world does a person have?

Man is the psychological slave of his own concept.

The success or failure of a person’s life, honor and disgrace, gains and losses, all play a huge role because of their own ideas.

In order to make our mood happy and spiritually relaxed, we must change the wrong ideas in our minds, paranoid thinking inertia, learn to give up, learn to let go, and learn to forget.

  1, fantasy—–the giant of thought, the dwarf of action when people encounter setbacks or difficult problems, they are out of touch with reality, and they put themselves into the world of imagination, the price of women’s bags, in an attempt to fictionalThe way to deal with setbacks is to be satisfied.

Daydreaming is an illusion. If daydreaming replaces the maximal action, it will become a means of escaping from reality, or it may become a sign of perversion in the heart and develop into a fantasy.

Fantasy is beautiful, reality is cruel.

Fantasy is just a feeling. If you want to have a good life, you should be based on reality. Especially when you are a human being, you must not be unrealistic. Otherwise, you cannot solve the problem and seek change and development.

  2, Negative—–Retracting from reality to people who evade negativeness often gives people a false impression that they do not admire fame and fortune. In fact, their hearts are extremely empty and they are negative in their treatment of things.

This kind of person does not want to do anything, do nothing, even have the ability to be strong, and will never accomplish anything in life.

Negative and positive lies in the difference between perception and understanding.

Walking on the road of life with too much information, too much desire and too much competition, we always have a few worries, how many times, there will always be some helplessness.

But for the success of the cause and the happiness of life, a positive attitude must be established.

Give yourself a hope every day, you will have a good mood, and your mentality is often your true master.

  3, conceited—–self-expanding self-expansion of the ignorant is very important, this is beyond doubt, but if “excessive” self-confidence will become “self-confidence.”

There is a degree between “confidence” and “confidence”, but many people are self-expanding because of their success, so that they surround the conceited trap.

Conceit is sometimes manifested as arrogance, self-confessed to be omnipotent, overestimated to remember yourself, look down on people around.

Therefore, conceited people often encircle the arrogance and eventually fail.

  4, sloppy —- the root cause of the loser This situation often occurs in life, some people do not consider when encountering things, rushed to decide and then regret, and sometimes even irretrievable situation.

However, there is no regret medicine in this world. We cannot predict tomorrow, so the success or failure of many things often depends on whether we are cautious or sloppy.

Some people fail, perhaps because they lack thinking and preparation, and those who are intelligent and intelligent have always taken good care before taking action, so that such people are the easiest to succeed.

  5, arrogance —– not to support the dignity of the common saying: “The sky does not speak high, the ground does not speak for itself.

“In general, the more people know the more things, the more modest they will be, and the less they know, the less arrogant people will be, the more arrogant, so we can say that arrogance is a combination of vanity and ignorance.

Excessively arrogant people put on a “toe-high Yang, can not be one” attitude, which makes them often resentful of others, making them hit the wall everywhere, unable to walk.

  6, suspicious ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

But guessing is one of the weaknesses of human nature, and it has always been the bane of harming others.

I wonder if people are habitually going to the bad and negative aspects of everything around them. Once a person falls into the trap of suspicion, they are allergic to everything, and let others have doubts about themselves. This is normal.Interpersonal relationships are unfavorable, and suspicion will eventually put yourself in tension and worry.

  7, luxury —– when you have money, when you have no money, hungry and extravagant is a poison. Once it is contaminated, it will spread continuously, and the speed of transmission will be very fast, and the scope will be wide. One person will pursueLuxury life, then, the people around you will soon be extravagant.

Waste is the biggest crime. If you waste time, it is consuming life; if you waste money, then you are on the road to destruction.

  8, autism —– painting the ground for the prison, shutting the world out of the door to close themselves, can avoid the wind and rain, but the sun can not enter.

A person who can open his heart and meet the sun will never be autistic.

If you have the same mentality, you will not lose yourself in the loss of depression, and you will not lose your direction.

It is a positive attitude towards life to correctly estimate your own value and let yourself continue to “add value.” This way, your life will not be spent in vain, and you will feel that every day is valuable.

  9, paranoia —– focus on the self-existence of the persistence, the mind, do not echo with the sound, not with the world ups and downs, this is undoubtedly a good quality worthy of praise, but should be based on disobedience, not partiality.

Whether it is to be a person or to do things, the mind should have a dialectical point of view, keep a glimpse of it, sit on the ground, observe your prejudice as truth, and die until you realize it. This is a taboo for people to live. If we cannot correct this attitude in time,It is very likely that you will be mistaken into the corner of life and you will not be able to come out.

  10, quick success and instant benefit —– not thinking about the long-term “myopia” quick-sighted people with short-sighted eyes, a leaf blind, not see Taishan, as long as you smell sesame, you will forget the watermelon sweet.

Their vision can only be seen in front of the eyes, that is, “a headache, a painful foot,” is a consistent behavior of quick success.

In order to see the situation in front of us, these people can ignore the interests of the future, only to find a moment of happiness, and not long-term consideration.The result is often not worth the candle.

  11, greed —– the root cause of the poverty of the soul in the real life, can not have no desire, want to fill in the greed, the desire for money, so that many people become greedy.

It is true that money is the basic guarantee for people’s lives, but after solving the needs of life, they cannot be blindly greedy.

There is a saying in the old saying: “More greed is worse than less.

“The desire of people for money should have a degree. If it exceeds the degree, it is necessary to find a way to stop yourself, and not to be overly greedy for the result of regret.

  12, no principle —– Broken moral interests are often sought after in life, and even some people like to draw everything equal to their interests.

When you get along with your loved ones, friends, and other people, you always focus on your own interests.

It is true that for many people, the benefits are very important, but if the interests are regarded as the norms of their own work, then later, these people can only lift their own feet.

Sometimes the benefits will become traps for others to lure themselves, and those who are exemplified by interests are much more likely to fall into the trap than to jump over.