Baby whooping cough try Chinese medicine


Baby whooping cough try Chinese medicine

Core Tip: Children who are unfortunately infected with whooping cough should be treated with care and active treatment.

If you listen to it naturally, your child will cough for a long time, and the body will be uncomfortable. It will be due to malnutrition, decreased disease resistance, and encephalitis, pneumonia and other diseases.

銆€銆€In spring, young children are easily infected with a special cough.

Its clinical manifestations are paroxysmal fracture healing and a special inspiratory echo after coughing, as if the heron is called, so it is called “here cough”, Chinese medicine is called “cough”.

銆€銆€The child is very painful when coughing, often coughing a few times, rising red and red, tears and nose also flow out together until the sticky cough, or cough to vomit, can pause relief.

In a day, repeated episodes, from a few times to dozens of times.

The disease is difficult to heal, sometimes it takes two or three months, so it is called “pertussis.”

The disease occurs mostly in infants under the age of 3, and neonates and infants are prone to pneumonia.

If there is no complication, the prognosis is generally good, and long-lasting immunity can be obtained after the illness.

銆€銆€Some parents mistakenly believe that “pertussis” has to cough for one hundred days, even if the treatment has no effect, thus taking a passive wait attitude.

It should be pointed out that if the disease is treated early and the nursing is strengthened, the course of the disease can be shortened, and it may not be delayed for a long time.

On the contrary, listening to its natural development, it will cough for two or three months, in addition to facial edema, dark complexion, red eyes, nosebleeds, and due to malnutrition, disease resistance, and encephalitis, pneumonia and other diseases.

銆€銆€Simple Chinese medicine prescription for whooping cough: one, one hundred, one mulberry white, one almond, 6 grams of Jianshui, 10 grams of rock sugar, divided into three servings.

銆€銆€Second, the day will shell, eucalyptus leaves (de-hair) each 10 grams of Jianshui, into the rock sugar 15 grams, divided into three servings.

銆€銆€During the treatment, care should be intensified to keep the indoor air fresh and sunny.

Do not smoke indoors, avoid unnecessary irritation, and give children a nutritious food that is easy to digest.

The clothing should be exposed to the sun or boiled.

The attitude of the child should be harmonious, and the way to transfer the child’s attention and reduce the number of coughs.

Whooping cough is contagious and is most contagious within half a month of initial illness. The isolation of sick children should be noted.

During the epidemic, two kinds of garlic can be taken, 30 grams of cabbage root, 60 grams of sugar, and decoction as a tea to help prevent.

I don’t want to sleep in the fairy side — the habits that longevity people attach great importance to


“I don’t want to sleep in the fairy side” — the habits that longevity people attach great importance to

From ancient times to the present, the long-lived people of all ages have attached great importance to the quality of sleep, and there is also the saying that “there is no such thing as a sleeping party”.

I feel well, and all the organs in my body can be effectively maintained and adequately supplied. It is the simplest and most comfortable way to maintain health!

Although this method of health is very simple, but sleep is not close to the eyes to sleep, unhealthy sleep is very hurt, and even quietly cultivated potatoes.

The following five sleep habits, if you have one of them, you have to change it.

First, with a “qi” to sleep a Western study found, with a sober state index, sleep may make your memory of bad experiences more serious, those pictures that make you angry will continue to appear.

Being angry and angry before going to bed can make people’s heart beat faster, have shortness of breath, and have thousands of thoughts, leading to insomnia or seriously affecting the quality of sleep.

The arrhythmia caused by anger is more and more confusing and more serious than the general arrhythmia, so it is the most deadly. Strong emotions like anger may interrupt the heart rhythm and endanger life.

When women are angry, they are prone to long spots, accelerate brain cell aging, lead to gastric ulcers and myocardial hypoxia, and may even cause hyperthyroidism and high blood pressure.

Clinically, many cancer patients have experienced fractures (such as divorced, widowed, lost, and unemployed) before the onset of illness.

In other words, cancer is more like entanglement with people who like to be angry or always want to open.

Reason: If you are angry and then sleep, if you are very angry, you must confide it. You must not be sulking.

In addition, the human body also comes with 3 gas-removing valves, so it may be possible to open it in time and vent the anger like a flood.

1, too red hole love sulking, worried, upset people, massage the feet, can quickly make people refreshed, calm.

This is because this is the location of the Taichong Point, which is one of the important acupuncture points on the human foot and the liver and the liver. It is also called the 鈥渄egassing point鈥?

Method: Press the acupuncture points with the thumb and the abdomen to make the local feeling of soreness of the fracture. Press 鎻? each time?
5 minutes.

2, the location of the Laogong acupoints in the Laogong Cave belongs to the hand-filled yin heart, and the pericardium plays a protective role on the heart.

Massage the labor palace, you can pressurize and calm the nerves, calming the brain.

Method: When you get angry, lick your palm.

When people are about to get angry, can they lightly clench their fists and use their middle fingers to lick their palms?
2 minutes, can penetrate the role of clear heart fire.

3, Baihui points emotionally excited, according to the top of the head.

If you feel your emotions start to get excited, headache, dizziness, chest tightness, insomnia, etc., sit down and press your head to release the “qi” on the “source”.

Method: There is an important acupoint at the top of the head, namely Baihui.

Press with your fingers for 7 seconds and then let go, for 7 times in a row, to relieve symptoms and refresh your mind.

Second, before eating a full-time Chinese medicine, “the stomach is not right, it is uncomfortable”, eating too much before going to bed, in the process of sleep, the stomach is still nervous “overtime work.”

The bad stimuli generated at this time will be transmitted to the brain, causing people to have multiple dreams, insomnia or symptoms of deep sleep.

More dreams or small things, if you are full before going to bed, the blood will be concentrated in the digestive tract, so that the blood in other parts (especially the coronary artery) is relatively reduced, which is easy to cause heart attack and heart cramps. The nighttime myocardial infarction is like this.

Late night sickness, it is really called doping every day, called the ground is not working.

Reason: At night, I firmly filled a lot of middle-aged and old friends with diligence and saving inertia. When I didn’t want to stop eating overnight, I didn’t want to dump it, so I went into my stomach. This habit must be changed!

Eat this mouth at night, which will affect sleep, and may lead to myocardial infarction, stomach disease, diabetes, etc., which is much more harmful than waste!

Third, excessive exercise before going to bed Some people think that exercise before going to bed, can make people more tired, so it is easier to fall asleep.

In fact, doing excessive exercise before going to bed will make the nerve cells that control the muscle activity of the brain appear extremely excited, which is not conducive to improving the quality of sleep.

Reason: Lacing before going to bed, helping too many old Chinese medicine practitioners have the habit of massaging Yongquan points before going to bed. In addition to massage, they can also properly pull the tendons.

As the saying goes, the rib is one inch long and has a long life of ten years. The two lacing movements can be done in bed.

1, legs and legs, straighten the legs apart, toes hook back, hands on the toes, the body slowly pressed down.

When practicing, you don’t have to deliberately pursue the feeling of sticking your legs to the legs. As long as the big tendons behind the legs have a sense of stretch, you should not use brute force.

The thigh fractures are liver and kidney meridians, liver blood, and kidney essence.
Pressing the two legs down, you can stretch the liver and kidney, replenish the liver and kidney, and nourish the body for blood.

2, the toes back hook legs straight and together, the toes back hook, hands grasping the toes, the body slowly pressed down, as long as the big ribs on the back side of the thighs have the feeling of stretching.
This is a way to help the bladder detoxification. The longer it lasts, the better.

Fourth, drinking tea before going to bed contains caffeine and other substances, which will stimulate the central nervous system and make people excited.

If you drink tea before going to bed, especially strong tea, the central nervous system will be more excited, making it difficult for people to fall asleep.

Reason: When you drink a small cup of warm water, your heart rate slows down. If you don’t drink water, the blood is concentrated, the blood flow is slow, and the next morning is prone to blood clots.

Drinking a small glass of water before going to bed can reduce the risk of myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, and cerebral thrombosis.

But just drink a small cup on the line, a little two or three mouths, otherwise it may have to start the night, also affecting sleep.

Fifth, to use an inappropriate pillow to have a good night’s sleep, you must first have a good pillow.

Too low a pillow can easily lead to “slipping the pillow”, swelling of the mind, and swelling of the eyelids; too high a pillow will affect the smoothness of the respiratory tract, leading to discomfort.

Measures: The pillow is low in the middle of the depression, and the high-intensity health-care pillow between the two is elastic and easy to recover. It can well control the posture of the person during sleep, and has the function of supporting and protecting the cervical vertebra.Get a better rest.

When purchasing, choose a pillow of the right height according to your situation.