Live streaming of La Liga Madrid Derby on April 8: Real Madrid VS Atletico Madrid live broadcast address

Live streaming of La Liga Madrid Derby on April 8: Real Madrid VS Atletico Madrid live broadcast address
At 22:15 on the evening of April 8th, Beijing time, Real Madrid played at home in the 31st round of La Liga.Real Madrid have lost to Atletico Madrid at home for 3 consecutive years. Can this campaign revenge and double kill the same city in the season?Zidane coached the 50th battle of La Liga, opponent Simone had captured Bernabeu 4 times, C Ronaldo was the Madrid derby history goal king, BBC reunited PK Gretzman, Varanega Merogetan and others were absent, respectPlease pay attention.Real Madrid VS Atletico Madrid live broadcast address: Dragon Ball Live (without plug-in) Madrid Derby in the second round, who will be the winner of C Roglezman?Highlights of the game 1: Real Madrid double play Atletico Madrid three games losing streak?  In the first leg of this season, Madrid Derby, Real Madrid beat Atletico 3-0, Ronaldo staged a hat trick.However, the overall status of Simone’s team is much better than the first half. At present, he maintains a five-game winning streak in the league. The record during the same period is the same as that of Real Madrid.  In the last 12 derby games, Real Madrid have 2 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses. They are obviously in a disadvantage. Especially in the last 3 years, the home team has lost to Atletico Madrid. It is also the only time in the history of La Liga that Real Madrid has defeated the same team for 3 consecutive home games.In the history of Real Madrid, Real Madrid has never won four consecutive games at home Derby. Can Zidane lead his team to double play opponents?2: Zidane La Liga coached 50 games, PK Bernabeu Simeone player era Zidane and Simone are opponents on the field, coaching the top two La Liga is also an enemy.This campaign is the 50th battle of Qi Zu coaching La Liga. In the previous 49 games, he won 39 wins, 7 draws and 3 losses. However, his only home game was zero blocked by his opponent. It was the Madrid Derby in February last year.Real Madrid’s 41 consecutive league goals have set a record in team history, and the last score of zero is also a derby a year ago.Simone can be called Bernabeu Star. Since coaching Atletico, he has captured the Bernabeu four times and is the coach with the most guest wins over Real Madrid in Atletico history.3: BBC vs. Gretzman, Derby King Cristiano Ronaldo once again attacked the midweek league Zidane and took a break from C. Rodriguez, Benzema was only playing as a substitute. The BBC didn’t play any one. Real Madrid’s Trident must start on the weekend.In Real Madrid’s career, C Ronaldo has scored 18 goals in the derby, ranked first in the Madrid Derby history scorer list, against Atletico Simone coached Atletico, the Portuguese have scored 14 goals, is also the most killer against Simone’s team.  Atletico Madrid ace Gretzman has just been selected as the best player in La Liga in March. Last month he scored 7 times in 4 league games and scored 5 goals and 1 assist.In the league’s nearly 3 visits to Bernabéu, the French have two goals, representing the Royal Society and Atletico Madrid.4: Real Madrid’s three main returns, Atletico Madrid missed Zidane a day ahead of the announcement of the 23-man roster, C Robercross of the last round of rest all returned, except for the injured Vala, the other team players are inIn the formation, who will eventually be replaced and left out of the 18-man list, to be determined before the game.  Several Atletico generals were absent, and the main center Camero had a leg injury. Like Gaitan, Tiago, Moya, Fosalico and Augusto Fernandes, they missed the derby.Voice Zidane before the game: There will be no winning hotspot tomorrow. I don’t expect tomorrow to be the same as the first round. We will definitely be surrounded by hard fights. Atletico’s status has improved a lot. They are not just defensive.Cristiano Ronaldo can always shine in important events, Isco?There is nothing more to say, Isco is happy to stay here, we know that these (rumors) are part of football, and I know he will not go to Barcelona.It’s very difficult to choose and choose, every player is very important, Hames and I will only communicate in private, so much can be said.I hope that until the final game of the season, the team can maintain good health.Expected starting Real Madrid (4-3-3): Navas; Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo; Modric, Casemiro, Cross; Bell, Benzema, CAtletico Madrid (4-4-2): Oblak; Juan Fran, Godin, Savage, Felipe; Carrasco, Cork, Gabi, Saúl; Torres, GriesMan

[How to make mashed alfalfa sprouts]_Homemade methods of mashed alfalfa sprouts_A practice of mashed alfalfa sprouts_How to make mashed alfalfa sprouts

[How to make mashed alfalfa sprouts]_Homemade methods of mashed alfalfa sprouts_A practice of mashed alfalfa sprouts_How to make mashed alfalfa sprouts

Although there are a lot of restaurants outside, if you look closely, you will find nothing more than these: Mala Tang.


Hot Pot.


Maybe, the dishes in these restaurants taste a lot of “weier”, but most of them are due to the seasoning.

If you want, you can do better at home.

So, let me introduce you to the practice of mashed alfalfa sprouts now.

12 Diced potatoes should be steamed in the pot, the steam will turn into petals!


21 chopped alfalfa sprouts in water, dry and spare!


Cut garlic and scallions and red peppers for later use!


Put the cold oil in the hot pot and put the scallion, garlic, red pepper, and shabu-shabu!


Put in a good pot and stir-fry the dried alfalfa sprouts!


Then put in steamed potatoes!

Also put in the prepared condiments!


Use a spoon to stir fry, stir fry the potatoes and blend into the alfalfa sprouts!

It will turn into potato alfalfa mash!


Scallion or parsley leaves can be sprinkled on the pan!

With a bowl of delicious rice, it is smooth and delicious.

The practice of this delicious mashed alfalfa sprouts introduced by Xiao Bian today is actually not difficult. As long as everyone tries hard, they will definitely achieve the effect you want and eat delicious food!

[How to make spring scrambled eggs]_How to make_Methods

[How to make spring scrambled eggs]_How to make_Methods

Toon scrambled eggs have always been a delicious vegetable, and the nutritional value of toon is very high, but you must pay attention to the season when eating toon, because toon is the most tender when it is just teething, and it is eatingBefore you must simmer the toon again, so that you can effectively remove some toxins in the toon, so how to cook scrambled eggs?

Ingredients for toon scrambled eggs: 150 grams of toon, 400 grams of eggs, seasoning: 3 grams of salt, 2 grams of cooking wine, 25 grams of vegetable oil.

Wash the toon head, blanch it with boiling water, remove the oil and cool it;

2. Put the eggs into the bowl, add toon, salt, cooking wine, and stir into the egg paste; 3.

Fill the wok with oil and cook until it is 70% hot, pour the egg paste into the pot, stir fry until the eggs are tender and cooked, pour in the cooked oil, and serve.

Tips: Food with grams: Eggs: eat with goose meat to damage the spleen and stomach; eat with rabbit meat, persimmons cause diarrhea; at the same time should not eat with turtles, carps, soy milk, tea.

Toon scrambled eggs, 150 grams of tender toon head, 6 eggs, salt, cooking wine, vegetable oil each amount.

① Wash the toon head, blanch it with boiling water, remove it and put it in cold water to cool it.

② Put the eggs into the bowl, add toon, salt, cooking wine, and stir into the egg paste.

③ Fry the pan to 70% heat, pour the egg paste into the pan, stir-fry until the eggs are tender and cooked, pour in the cooked oil, and serve.

Features: golden and green, with strong toon flavor.

Efficacy: It has the functions of nourishing yin, moisturizing, and seducing skin.

It is suitable for the consequences of vomiting blood from exhaustion, red eyes, malnutrition, white baldness and so on.

Ordinary food can enhance the body’s ability to resist disease and prevent disease.

[Chocolate cookies, a lot of fun ways to spike]_Chocolate cookies, a lot of fun ways to spike _Chocolate cookies, a lot of fun ways to do _Chocolate cookies, how to do a lot of spikes

[Chocolate cookies, a lot of fun ways to spike]_Chocolate cookies, a lot of fun ways to spike _Chocolate cookies, a lot of fun ways to do _Chocolate cookies, how to do a lot of spikes

What skills do you need to master in order to make a good-tasting, colorful bar, and fast chocolate chip cookie?

Not afraid. In fact, chocolate biscuits are very simple, and don’t put too many seasonings. Keep the original flavor of the food. You can add coriander and green onion at the end to make the taste even better.

1. Soften the paste. Add brown sugar and white sugar. 2. Stir the sugar and paste evenly. Avoid excessive stirring. 3. Add eggs. The eggs must be at room temperature. It is easy to separate oil and water from the refrigerator. Add a little salt. 4. Put yeast /Add baking soda 5, add flour 6 in three times, stir evenly 7, add chocolate beans, stir evenly 8, take an appropriate amount of batter, and form into biscuits without pressing too flat, the biscuits baking process will become thinner and preheat about 9,70 degreesA good oven, bake for about 15 minutes, and you can see 10 if you see a circle around the biscuit. You can finish this chocolate biscuit with a lot of fun, easy to learn, and more convenient. For busy office workers, it is the mostGood choice, its taste can be determined according to personal taste, adding soy sauce, cooking wine, minced garlic and other seasonings.

Goertech (002241) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Intelligent Hardware Outbreaks Deduct Non-Net Profits

Goertech (002241) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Intelligent Hardware Outbreaks Deduct Non-Net Profits

This report reads: The company released the third quarter report of 2019, the outbreak of smart wearable devices such as TWS, watches, and bracelets has driven the company’s revenue and deducted non-net profit to grow rapidly.

Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating and raise TP to 20.

2 yuan: In the first three quarters of 2019, the company realized revenue of 24.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 56%, and a net profit of 9.

850,000 yuan, an increase of 15% in ten years, deducting non-net profit of 10.

90,000 yuan, an increase of 62 in ten years.

33%, in line with market expectations.

Taking 杭州夜网 into account the strong growth of TWS, watches, bracelets and other smart wearable devices, we raised the EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 0.

39 (+ 5%), 0.

57 (+ 10%), 0.

77 (+ 18%).

In 2019, TWS will make efforts, and 2020 will continue to maintain high growth. VR / AR is also expected to follow-up, raising the target price to 20.

2 yuan, corresponding to 35 times PE in 2020, maintaining the “overweight” level.

TWS drives the rapid growth of intelligent acoustics business, which will continue in 2020: the current company is one of the core suppliers of major customers. The company is expected to produce about 13 million units in 2019. The volume of TWS for major customers will increase with market demand in 2020.

In terms of Android TWS, the company is the core supplier. It is expected to advance 4 million units 朴妮唛脱胸罩新闻 in advance. The company is positioning high-end products with a unit price of 40-50 US dollars.

As for Android TWS, it is expected to double in 2020.

Wearable products are recovering, VR / AR is expected to gradually continue: Watch bracelets and other products will grow rapidly in 2019, and core customers Huawei, Fitbit, revenue will increase significantly from about 10 in 2018 to more than 3 billion in 2019.

The company is a core manufacturer in the VR / AR field, and has a clear lead in ODM and core components. It has exclusively produced star projects such as Oculus, PS VR, and Huawei VR Glass.

The revenue of VR business in 2019 is expected to be about 25 trillion, and it is expected to rebound significantly in 2020.

Catalyst: TWS business of large customers exceeds expectations, 5G business progress exceeds expectations. Risk reminder: competition in mobile phone acoustics business is intensified, TWS business is lower than expected

WuXi PharmaTech (603259) Comment: Incentive Scheme Guarantees Synergy and Deepening Integrated Platform

WuXi PharmaTech (603259) Comment: Incentive Scheme Guarantees Synergy and Deepening Integrated Platform
I. Events: The company releases its budget and equity incentive plan On July 20, 2019, the company issued a number of announcements, mainly including stock exchanges and equity incentive plans: 1) About the annual stock and equity incentive plan expenditures in 2019-the incentive objects are2,534 people, a total of 21.06 million shares (A shares of common shares) were granted, accounting for 1.29%.Among them, the budget stock incentive object was 2048 四川耍耍网 people, and a total of 13.66 million shares were awarded, accounting for 0 of the total share capital.83%, grant price 32.44 yuan / share; 487 people are encouraged by the stock budget, a total of 5.29 million shares, accounting for 0 of the total share capital.32%, exercise price 64.88 yuan / share.  2) Regarding the budget of the stock appreciation right incentive plan for 2019-no more than 234 people will be granted incentives. It is planned to grant a total of 2.9 million stock appreciation rights (H shares), accounting for 0 of the total share capital.18%, the exercise price of 72 burns / share.  3) Regarding the adjustment of the amount of additional equity in the 2018 annual stock and equity incentive plan.  Second, comments: Moderate incentive schemes, ensure the stability of core employees, deepen the advantages of integrated platforms, moderate stock and distribution incentive schemes, ensure the stability of teams, help strengthen inter-departmental collaboration, and deepen the advantages of integrated platforms.The performance evaluation of this incentive requires that the revenue growth from 2019 to 2021 is no less than 1.5 billion, 30 billion, and 45 billion compared to 2018. Combined with our judgment, WuXi PharmaTech’s growth in pharmaceutical research and development, the penetration rate, and concentrationUnder the trend of increasing degrees, performance growth has improved stability, and we believe that the incentive scheme is moderate.In addition, the company is currently in a critical period of strengthening synergies between departments, while conducting business expansion and exploring new business models in DEL library, DDSU, clinical trial services, and cell gene therapy.We believe that this incentive scheme benefits a wide range of people, helps maintain the stability of the overall team, guarantees the continuous play of the diversion effect between different parts, accelerates the expansion of new business, and deepens the advantages of the company’s integrated platform.  Amortization expenses affect short-term performance, new business development, and synergies to increase profits may effectively hedge.The total cost to be amortized for the share issue and equity incentive is 4.55 ppm, the amortization costs for 2019-2021 are zero.49, 2.64, 1.30,000 yuan.According to our previous expectations, the company’s net profit attributable to mothers for 2019-2021 will be 22 respectively.45, 26.63, 31.7.3 billion.We expect that the profit margin of the booth costs in 2020 will have an impact of nearly 10%.However, considering the company as a labor-intensive industry, talent incentives can better accelerate the development of new businesses (cell gene therapy, clinical trials), ensure synergies and increase profits, and may effectively hedge amortization costs.  One, three, the investment proposal does not take into account the cost of equity incentives and the effect of fair dilution for the time being. We estimate that the EPS for 2019-2021 will be 1.38, 1.63, 1.95 yuan, corresponding to 47 times PE in 2018 at the closing price on July 19, 2019. With reference to comparable company estimates and the company’s industry leader position, we give it 50-55 times PE in 2019, and give it a “recommended” 武汉夜生活网 rating of two, four, and risk.Prompt: Uncertain macroeconomic changes lead to the risk of global innovative drug R & D expansion boom; risk of improper international development causing the replacement or growth of related businesses; poor synergies between business divisions cause weak new business growthRisk; exchange risk.

Xilinmen (603008): Strategic shift to intensive cultivation and independent brand performance

Xilinmen (603008): Strategic shift to intensive cultivation and independent brand performance

Core Views The focus of Xilinmen’s strategy in 2019 has changed from “seeking rapid market share increase” to “intensive farming and seeking for progress”. The business operations have continued to improve, and revenue in the first three quarters has increased.

1% to 33.

500 million US dollars, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 80 per year.

3% to 2.

8.7 billion.

We believe that the quality of the company’s channels has continued to improve, the improvement of operations after the transformation of the film and television business, and the increase in shareholders and shareholders after the completion of the conversion by Huayi Debt, and the company ‘s fundamentals are expected to usher in an inflection point.
The EPS in 2021 is 1.

04, 1.

25, 1.

51 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

The operation continued to improve, and the profitability rebounded significantly in the first half of the year. Looking at the quarter, Xilinmen’s 19Q1 / Q2 / Q3 revenue growth rates were -6% / 26% / 17% multiple times.

In the first three quarters, the gross profit margin increased short-term3.

7 points to 35.

1%, the adjustment range is high. The proportion of self-owned brand business with high gross profit margins has increased. The adjustment range has benefited from the downward movement of the main raw material TDI price center and the replacement tax reduction bonus.

In terms of expenses, in 2018, Xilinmen was shortlisted in the CCTV national brand plan. The use of one-time advertising and publicity expenses decreased, and the company’s expenses were more accurately invested in 2019. The sales expense ratio in the first three quarters decreased by 0.

2 points to 16.

5%, the scale effect of subsequent cost rate adjustment will gradually increase more downside.

In the first three quarters, the growth rate of net interest rate increased by 3pct to 9%, and profitability increased significantly.

Strategy shifts to refined management, independent brand performance shines in 2019 Xilinmen’s strategic focus shifts to “intensive farming, seeking for progress”, benefiting from the improvement of KA channel opening and operation quality, the promotion of large-scale promotion activities, continuous promotion of the distribution model, and the independent brand performanceAt present, in the first three quarters of 2019, the revenue of independent brands + Milan Impressions has increased by about 18% each year. We expect that the growth rate of independent brands in the third quarter alone will be about 30%.

In terms of OEM business, the production bases in Thailand and Vietnam have been successfully put into operation and reorganized, which is conducive to the steady development of the company’s foundry business in Southeast Asia and the United States.

In addition, the film and television business adjusted its development strategy 都市夜网 in a timely manner after experiencing the industry’s cold winter in 2018, and its operations improved, achieving revenue in the first three quarters1.

The company expects that there is no risk of continued impairment of goodwill.

Huayi Deliverable Bonds successfully completed the conversion, and the controlling shareholder’s shareholders were stable. In 2016, Huayi Investment issued a total of four 100% debenture bonds. According to the company’s announcement, from September 11 to September 27, 2019, the company gradually receivedTo the controlling shareholder Huayi Investment regarding the exchange of corporate bond exchange notice, as of September 27, Huayi Investment’s exchangeable corporate bonds have been completely converted, a total of 88.34 million shares were converted, accounting for 22 of the company’s total 四川耍耍网 share capital.

37%, the company’s controlling shareholder and actual controller have not changed.

According to the company’s three quarterly report, as of September 30, 2019, the company’s controlling shareholder, Huayi Investment, and Hangzhou Zhijiang, the parties acting in concert, held a total of 30% of the company’s total share capital.

79%, significantly higher than the third largest shareholder Gujia Household, the controlling shareholder is affiliated.

The performance of independent brands is dazzling, and the turning point of fundamentals is apparent. Maintaining the “Buy” rating. Xilinmen ‘s independent brand performance is dazzling. The OEM business has developed steadily, the film and television business has improved, and the controlling shareholder has further stabilized.
The net profit attributable to mothers will be 4 in 2021.

10, 4.

95, 5.

960,000 yuan, corresponding to an EPS of 1.

04, 1.

25, 1.

51 yuan.

With reference to the average PE of 16 times in 2019 for a comparable company, the company is given an estimate of 16-17 times in 2019, and the corresponding target price range is 16.


68 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.
Risk warning: Real estate sales are less than expected, raw material prices have risen sharply, and film and television businesses have fallen short of expectations.

Healthy weight loss must ring 8 big fruits


Healthy weight loss must ring 8 big fruits

Everyone knows that eating fruit can lose weight, but do you know that some fruits can’t be eaten during dieting?

Because these fruits are eaten on an empty stomach, it will seriously affect the health of the body.

Let’s take a look at those fruits!

銆€銆€Tomatoes: Contains a large amount of pectin, persimmon phenol, soluble astringent and other ingredients, easily react with gastric acid, and condense into a block that is not easily dissolved.

These lumps can insert the pylorus at the exit of the stomach, causing the pressure in the stomach to rise, causing acute gastric dilatation and causing bloating.

銆€銆€Persimmon: The stomach contains a large amount of stomach acid on an empty stomach. It easily reacts with persimmon phenol, colloid, pectin and soluble astringent contained in persimmon to form gastric persimmon disease, causing heartache, nausea, vomiting, and gastric dilatation.Stomach ulcers, even stomach perforation, stomach bleeding and other diseases.

銆€銆€Banana: Contains a large amount of magnesium. If you eat bananas on a fasting day, the amount of magnesium in the blood suddenly rises, causing the imbalance of magnesium and calcium in the blood of the human body, which has an inhibitory effect on the cardiovascular system and is unhealthy.

銆€銆€Orange: Contains a lot of sugar and organic acids. Eating oranges on an empty stomach will stimulate the gastric mucosa, causing an increase in stomach acid, making the spleen and stomach full of suffocation and pantothenic acid.

銆€銆€Black dates: contains a lot of pectin and implanted acid, easy to combine with stomach acid in human body, and there is a hard lumps in the stomach.

In particular, you should not eat too much before going to bed. People who are gradually getting chronic diseases should not eat it.

銆€銆€Sugar cane: high sugar content, should not be eaten on an empty stomach, otherwise it will stimulate the gastric mucosa, causing stomach pain, spleen and stomach fullness.

Moreover, eating too much sugar cane or fresh lychee on an empty stomach may cause “hyperosmolar coma” due to sudden infiltration of excessive high sugar in the body.

銆€銆€Fresh lychee: high sugar content, should not be eaten on an empty stomach, otherwise it will stimulate the gastric mucosa, causing stomach pain, spleen and stomach fullness.

Moreover, eating too much sugar cane or fresh lychee on an empty stomach may cause “hyperosmolar coma” due to sudden infiltration of excessive high sugar in the body.

銆€銆€Hawthorn: It has a sour taste and has a digestive effect. However, if it is consumed on an empty stomach, it consumes gas and enhances the sense of pregnancy and aggravates the stomach.


Want to lose weight healthily, so the fruit must be quit!

What better to do during lunch break?


What better to do during lunch break?

If you are an office worker and want to exercise but can’t find time, then you might as well take a lunch break to do some exercise.

It will not affect the social activities after work, but also can be full of vitality throughout the day, memory and creativity will be enhanced, calories are not hoarded in the body, it is a lot of things.

銆€銆€If you are too busy to walk around, take off your shoes, try a few yoga moves, pay attention to more concentration, and the mood will be moderated and excessive.

Practice: sit on both legs, stretch your hands outwards, as high as the orientation, palm up, then lift up quickly, palms and hearts, while inhaling your nose, quickly put your arms back in place, exhale, repeatTake a break after about 1 minute and repeat.

銆€銆€Taking the opportunity to consume feces If you want to consume a little calories during the lunch break, the following exercises are very suitable. After 30 minutes of aerobic exercise on the jogger, the effect is very significant.

Practice: warm up for two minutes, then take turns to do 3 minutes of fast walking and 1 minute of buffer time.

When walking fast, each time the slope of the walking machine is slowly pulled up, the slope returns to zero at rest, and it is repeated 5 times.

銆€銆€Then, do 5 minutes of abdominal and back exercise, 5 minutes of volcanism, and finally, 5 minutes of contraction exercise to ease physical strength.

銆€銆€Jumping the rope, balancing the muscles The best way to maintain a better body is to continue to do these combined aerobic and weightlifting exercises, which will definitely make the muscles overcome the balance. Practice: Take a two-minute fast jump rope.With one-minute weightlifting fitness equipment exercise, you must keep active, maintain a high heart rate, and consume more calories.

Use different weight lifting equipment each time to confirm that you can move to different body parts.

This is done 10 times in turn, and finally use the abdominal movement to relax, then shower, it must be easy!

What kind of bathing method is helpful for health


What kind of bathing method is helpful for health

Core tip: People take a bath every day, but maybe, your daily bathing method is wrong.

Taking a proper bath will allow you to get health benefits during the bathing process.

銆€銆€First, “diligent inhalation” treatment of dyspepsia, loss of appetite, you can enter the bath 30 minutes before meals, use hot water to stimulate the stomach, after the body is warm, then use hot water to spray water around the chest, every 5 seconds of rest for 1 minute, repeat 5 times; bath can first bubble 20 in hot water?
30 minutes, while abdominal breathing (inhale from the nose, let the abdomen bulge, and then exhale from the mouth), and then stimulate the body with a little cold water, this hot and cold water stimulation can promote gastric secretion and increase appetite.

And people with too much stomach acid, stomach and duodenal ulcers, soak in hot water 3?
4 minutes, can control the secretion of gastric acid, eliminate and control the disease.

銆€銆€Second, “stomach belly” treatment of constipation bathing in the palm of the hand can be massaged clockwise in the abdomen, while the abdomen drums a large mouth to breathe, and pressure, can treat chronic constipation and prevent hemorrhoids.

For neurological constipation, insert the intestine with hot water at 40 掳C for about 3 minutes, then rinse with warm water at 25 掳C for 10 seconds, and repeat 5 times to increase the peristalsis of the large intestine.

銆€銆€Therefore, although spraying saves time, it only causes irritation to the surface of the skin, and the internal organs cannot be converted.

It is best for showers in the morning, so that you can wake up the body, and you can attract work and study during the day, and take a bath in the tub for 1 to 2 hours before going to bed.

銆€銆€Third, “甯告悡鑴? relieves fatigue. Many people have this feeling. When you are tired, you will feel refreshed.

銆€銆€Because the face is distributed with a lot of expression muscles and sensitive nerves, heat can stimulate these nerves, and the face can accelerate the blood flow, while stretching the expression muscles. The speed of the face when taking a bath is once every second, and the face is 3 to 5 times.It will take 3 minutes.

銆€銆€It should be noted that 40 掳C warm water is the most ideal for eliminating fatigue, because the body temperature of the normal arm is 37 掳 C, the body temperature is 40 掳 C, 40 掳 C is the closest to the human body temperature.

If the water temperature is too high, it will consume more calories, which will not only eliminate fatigue, but will feel uncomfortable; if the water temperature is too low, the blood vessels will shrink and it is not easy to eliminate fatigue.