After drinking, diarrhea, do not ignore, may unfortunately the liver to find you, go to the hospital to check!

After drinking, diarrhea, do not ignore, may unfortunately the liver to find you, go to the hospital to check!

People who drink too much for a long time feel that through age, there is a feeling of not drinking, especially after each drink, diarrhea.

It is normal to have this idea. After all, when you grow older, your metabolic function and function will drop. But have you ever thought that long-term drinking may cause problems in the liver?

After drinking, diarrhea, do not ignore, may unfortunately the liver to find you, go to the hospital to check!

This is because alcohol needs to be metabolized by the liver. If you drink alcohol for a long time or add a large amount of alcohol at one time, the kidneys are prone to “bad metabolism.”

Over time, alcoholic liver disease will also come to the door.

If fecal liver occurs, the synthetic bile salts will be reduced, and the bile will also be abnormally secreted. After drinking alcohol or eating high-fat foods, malabsorption diarrhea is likely to occur.

It is recommended that you try to avoid long-term and one-time heavy drinking. As far as possible, you need to go to the hospital to do related liver function tests.

Of course, some people say that it is a diarrhea, and it is too arbitrary to say that my liver is out of order.

But if you have the following symptoms, you don’t have to doubt it!

1, loss of appetite loss of appetite is one of the common symptoms of adult liver, if long-term loss of appetite, in addition to suspected gastritis and other diseases, should also consider the possibility of adult liver.

2, Astragalus high-protein diet: the original product of the wooden background mild liver jaundice type is often hepatocellular, this type of jaundice is often accompanied by fatigue, fatigue, loss of appetite and other symptoms.

A small number of mild liver patients will have mild jaundice, and the jaundice will resolve after the liver is cleared.

3, spider mites are vascular lesions formed by branching dilatation of the small arterioles of the skin, resembling spiders, so they are called spider mites, often appear in the face, neck, back of the hand, upper arm, chest and shin.

Most common in patients with acute or chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis, but can also be seen in some patients with mild liver.

4, the right upper abdomen painful liver slightly swelling has a tender feeling, a small number of patients may have splenomegaly.

When there is too much fat deposition in the liver, the liver capsule will swell and the liver ligament will be pulled, causing blood pressure pain or tenderness in the upper right abdomen, and fever.

Drinking alcohol for a long time will increase the burden on the liver and affect the detoxification and hematopoiesis of the liver. Therefore, the health of the liver is critical to the human body. When the above five symptoms appear, the greed should be quit. Otherwise, the condition will beConstantly increasing.

So how do we raise the liver in our lives?

Stick to 4 things every day, the liver will slowly get better!

1, adjust the diet structure to promote high protein, high vitamin, low sugar, low fat diet, do not eat or eat animal feces, eat more vegetables, fruits and fiber-added food, as well as high protein lean meat, river fish, soy productsWait.

2, a cup of Yanggan tea Haoping Maojian every day, because of the “Selenium Valley” in Shaanxi Province, Ziyang County, Shaanxi Province, Yeping Town, Selenium Valley ecological zone is known, 150ug of selenium per kg of tea, is the general green tea 6More than double, brewing 1-2 times a day, the body can effectively absorb the natural selenium in tea.

Each time 3-5g Haoping Maojian, brew with about 85 degrees of hot water, let stand for 4-6 minutes, it can be absorbed, can effectively supplement the daily selenium required by the human body.

Scientific experiments have shown that selenium can help liver cells to repair, stimulate the immune system, enhance the body’s immune function, improve the liver’s own ability to resist viruses, and prevent the recurrence of liver disease.

Clinical medicine has found that selenium in patients with liver injury such as alcoholic liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver ascites is much lower than normal.

Supplementing an appropriate amount of selenium can prevent hepatitis and prevent liver cancer. Therefore, trace element selenium is called “protective god of the liver” and “hepatic protection factor”.

3, the use of drugs with caution Any drug into the body must be detoxified by the liver, in the replacement of drugs should be more careful, beware of the drug’s toxic substitution, especially the liver damage drugs can not be used, to avoid further aggravation of liver damage.

4, 3 movements to alleviate mild liver symptoms, reciprocal, hour hand, full belly, two oblique parts from the bottom of the arm, from the abdomen abdomen straight to the bottom of the three groups of actions every morning, in the middle and evening.

Drinking Laba porridge is also a part of people, to see which one is suitable for you.


Drinking Laba porridge is also a part of people, to see which one is suitable for you.

Laba Festival, commonly known as “Laba”, is the eighth day of the lunar calendar. The ancients have sacrificed ancestors and gods to pray for abundance and auspicious traditions. In some areas, there is a custom of drinking Laba porridge.

What is the custom of Laba Festival? 1 Eat Laba porridge Laba has the custom of eating Laba porridge this day. Laba porridge is also called Qibao Wuwei porridge.

The history of drinking Laba porridge in China has been more than a thousand years.

Originally started in the Song Dynasty, in the Qing Dynasty, the custom of drinking Laba porridge was more prevalent.

Although the materials used in different areas of Laba porridge are different, they basically include rice, millet, glutinous rice, glutinous rice, purple rice, glutinous rice and other cereals, black beans, soybeans, red beans, mung beans, cowpeas, kidney beans and other beans, red dates, peanuts,Lotus seeds, hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, sesame seeds, almonds, longan, raisins, ginkgo and other dried fruits.

Laba porridge is not a seasonal food, it is also a good health product, especially suitable for maintaining the spleen and stomach in cold weather.

2 The sacrifice of Laba was originally a day of sacrifice, and some places still retain such customs.

The objects of the sacrifice include: the first god Shennong, the priest god, the god of the goddess Tiantian, the mailer, the god, the open road, the people of the border, the cat tiger, the god, the water god, the insect god.

The Tang and Song Dynasties later incorporated the ingredients of the worship of the Buddha, and Buddhism used to worship the Buddha on this day.

Some areas are very grand.

Beginning with the pre-Qin Dynasty, the Laba Festival has the custom of offering sacrifices to ancestors, gods, and praying for good harvest and good fortune.

Moreover, Laba Festival is the day of the birth of Sakyamuni, a Buddhist festival.

Therefore, on the day of the Laba Festival, worship the gods, worship the Buddha, sacrifice the ancestors, and have a good sign of praying for the gods, the Buddha, and the ancestors.

3 The day before eating iced wax, people generally use steel basins to freeze water, and when they get to the Laba Festival, they take off the ice and knock the ice into pieces.

It is said that the ice of this day is very magical, and eating it will not cause stomach pain in the following year.

4 brewing Laba garlic Beijing, in most parts of North China, there is also the custom of brewing waxed garlic on this day. Laba garlic is garlic with vinegar, with purple garlic and rice vinegar, the old skin of garlic cloves is removed and immersed in rice vinegar., fill the small altar seal and put it in a cold place until the garlic turns green.

Are you suitable for this kind of Laba porridge?

The material that can be selected from Laba porridge can meet the nutritional needs of the human body more than the porridge made from the single raw material.

Therefore, the production of Laba porridge, the selection of materials is particularly particular, especially the raw materials with therapeutic effects, according to the physical condition of the distribution.

1 hypertension: glutinous rice is commonly used to prevent high blood pressure, such as rice, glutinous rice and glutinous rice.

The previous rice contains protein, trace, calcium carbonate, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients. It has Buzhong Yiqi, nourishing the spleen and stomach, and the five internal organs, in addition to annoying thirst, Yijing and other functions.

The glutinous rice has the function of warming the spleen and replenishing qi, and is suitable for those with low spleen and stomach function. It has certain auxiliary therapeutic effects for the deflation of cold, irritability, thirst, and urinary dysfunction.

Chinese medicine believes that glutinous rice has the functions of strengthening the spleen, replenishing the lungs, clearing the heat and soaking the skin. Regular consumption of chronic enteritis and indigestion is also effective.

Glutinous rice with plasma glucose has the effect of preventing hyperlipemia, hypertension, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

2 kidney deficiency: chestnuts can nourish the kidney and benefit the peanuts and walnuts are inedible raw materials.

Peanut has the reputation of “longevity fruit”, which has various functions such as moistening the lungs, stomach, cough, diuretic, and lower milk.

Walnut kernel has the functions of tonifying kidney and qi, invigorating the brain, strengthening the bones and strengthening bones. It can also increase appetite, black hair and hair, and vitamin E contained in walnut kernel is a recognized anti-aging drug in the medical field.

For patients who often suffer from insomnia, if you add some longan meat in the porridge, the jujube kernel will have a good effect of nourishing the heart and calming the nerves; the lotus seeds can tonify the spleen and spleen; the medlar has the effect of prolonging life and has an auxiliary regulating effect on blood lipids.It is a good diet for the elderly; jujube is also a kind of food for benefiting qi and nourishing blood and spleen. It has certain curative effect on spleen and stomach weakness, blood deficiency and stagnation and lung deficiency and cough; pine nuts can nourish heart and lung, and regulate the large intestine.Chestnuts can nourish the kidney and nourish the qi, and cure the back and legs.

3 Diabetes: Oats lowering cholesterol concentration Oatmeal has the effect of lowering the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. After eating oatmeal, it can slow down the rise of blood sugar level. Adding oatmeal to carbohydrate food can inhibit the rise of blood sugar level, so it is associated with diabetes and diabetes.For patients with diseases and diseases, you may wish to put some oatmeal in the porridge.

The various beans in Laba porridge are very good, making the proteins complementary and the cellulose high.

Many studies have confirmed that dietary fiber foods can lower blood sugar, especially oatmeal, barley and soluble fiber contained in some beans, which can form sticky substances in the stomach, affecting the absorption and utilization of glucose, and will not cause a sudden rise in postprandial blood glucose.

Some nuts, such as peanuts, hazelnuts, and almonds, have higher levels of supplemental fiber and contain fatty acids that regulate blood lipids and lower blood fat.

Even the starch-hydrolyzed chestnuts, lotus seeds, and ramie supplement fiber content are also 1.

Between 2% and 3%, its glycemic index is also much lower than that of refined rice noodles.

Quinoa contains chromium, which has the effect of strengthening insulin and is used clinically for the nutritional treatment of diabetes.

Therefore, diabetic patients can choose oats and buckwheat as the main ingredient.

Diabetic patients should not drink sugar when drinking Laba porridge. If you want to eat sweets, you can put some stevia sugar and xylitol sweetener.

4 cardiovascular disease: soybeans reduce blood cholesterol, soybeans contain protein, traces, glucose, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, etc., rich in nutrition, and have a reducedAbility to cholesterol in the blood, prevent cardiovascular disease, inhibit a variety of malignant tumors, prevent osteoporosis and other health functions.Chixiaodou contains protein, trace, impurities, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, etc., Chinese medicine believes that this product has spleen dampness, diuresis and swelling, spleen diarrhea and edemaHave a certain auxiliary treatment effect.

Mung beans have the effect of adjuvant therapy for high blood pressure.

5 porridge oil: beauty eyebrows more porridge oil beauty too many girls like to drink Laba porridge to beauty, but there is a beauty secret here, that is, do not give up porridge oil.

Porridge oil is actually the thick liquid that is repeatedly boiled while boiling on the surface of porridge, also known as rice oil.

Chinese medicine believes that porridge oil is sweet and flat, and its nourishing effect is better than rehearsal. If you can drink a bowl of rice porridge every day, the black skinny can be fattened without a hundred days.

6 expectant mother: soft soft wax porridge is most suitable for women in early pregnancy, early pregnancy is very serious reaction, this time should choose easy to digest food to reduce vomiting, porridge is a good choice, not to mention the soft and rotten Laba porridge.

In the second trimester, oxide growth is accelerated, energy needs to be replenished, and the demand for iron is increased, while calcium supplementation is needed in the third trimester.

Therefore, for mothers and new mothers, the following foods can be considered: fine rice contains more than 100 mg / kg of calcium, peanuts, soybeans, black beans, green beans, jujube are rich in calcium, soy andNuts also contain high iron.

7 elderly: can put more soybeans on the elderly should eat diet, eat more soybeans and their products, Laba porridge meets these requirements.

And the Laba porridge is eaten at night, which is also in line with the eating habits of the elderly.

Soy isoflavones, a rich bioactive substance in soybeans, can inhibit lipid peroxidation in the body and prevent osteoporosis.

The plasma function of the elderly is weakened, the Laba porridge is just soft and easy to digest, plus the combination of thickness and fineness, which can increase the bowel movement and have a certain effect on preventing senile constipation.

In addition, due to excessive moisture in the porridge, rare foods are likely to cause excessive secretion of gastric acid, stimulating pain in the stomach.

Therefore, people with bad stomach can slightly thicken the Laba porridge, and it is best to eat some dry foods such as sesame seeds and steamed buns while eating Laba porridge.

銆€銆€Although Laba porridge is a seasonal snack, but now all kinds of ingredients are available all year round, and easy to be absorbed by the body, suitable for both young and old, so Laba porridge does not have to wait until the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, it can be used as a daily food supplement and a diet to eat a food.It is especially suitable for those who are frail or sick after aging.

Small remedies for quick treatment of constipation and slimming


Small remedies for quick treatment of constipation and slimming

Constipation is a major cause of abdominal adult accumulation and a problem that is easy to occur in women’s weight loss.

If not cured early, it will cause a vicious circle of constipation and obesity.

So what about constipation?

I will teach you a few judges to constipate coups, help you to make constipation, and successfully lose weight as soon as possible.

銆€銆€1. Drink a cup of warm water every morning after getting up in the morning, and drink cold and white in summer.

銆€銆€2, each meal properly maintain “drink one eat two” that is to drink a bowl of soy milk or milk and corn porridge, eat two small sweet potatoes (can also be used to replace the steamed bread, potato).

Note that other staple foods should be reduced in moderation.

銆€銆€3, eat about 1 kg of green vegetables every day.

After each meal, it is best to eat a piece of radish, which has the effect of “burning heart”.

銆€銆€4, can do 2-3 times a day abdominal breathing, 1 time each morning and before going to bed, 5-20 minutes each time.

You can adjust your emotions on your back in bed, remove distracting thoughts, and stay in Dantian for deep breathing.

Contrast when inhaling.

Properly convex upwards, the action is slow, and the time is long.

銆€銆€When you exhale, your stomach will be concave, and it will be slow and long.

At the beginning, exhale 8-10 times per minute, gradually decreasing to 4-5 times per minute.

銆€銆€5, adhere to the abdomen 2-3 times a day.

In the morning, do abdominal breathing and then massage. In the evening, massage first and then do abdominal breathing. You can sit on your back and sit.

Remember that the two hands are hot after the heat, and use the palm of your hand to massage in a clockwise direction on the abdomen centered on the navel. The intensity is moderate, each time is more than 30-50 laps.

銆€銆€6, start about 20 minutes after each meal; walk for 20 to 30 minutes, if you have bad weather, you can walk indoors.

Because walking is the most simple way to promote bowel movements and lose weight.

銆€銆€Recommended treatment of constipation remedies: take appropriate amount of carrots, white radish, white radish scorpion, burdock and mushrooms, chopped, boiled and boiled.

These vegetables, which are more common in our lives, can be combined to cure constipation.

銆€銆€This remedy has a certain alleviating effect on dieting and weight loss, and the constipation caused by less fiber supplementation in food.

Because the common feature of the five raw materials in this remedy is that they contain a relatively high amount of dietary fiber, it can be said that this is a natural therapeutic side that promotes peristalsis and promotes defecation.


The effect of radish is well known. It is rich in crude fiber, can cause metabolic peristalsis, keep the stool smooth, and can lose weight and prevent colorectal cancer and colon cancer. White radish scorpion is also rich in supplemental fiber.


For shiitake mushrooms, it is a kind of high-protein, high-iron, low-fat, low-migration typical health food, and it is also a good medicine for treating diseases and diseases.

Each of the 100 grams of mushrooms contains dietary fiber 8 .

3 grams, chicken 2?
5 times.

Therefore, shiitake mushrooms can also play a role in promoting acute peristalsis and helping digestion.


The only thing that everyone is not familiar with is the burdock, which is a root-root vegetable, also known as Toyo radish, burdock, etc., which can be used as medicine.

It is rich in water and fiber, protein, vitamins, etc. Although it is not soft enough to eat, it can help the intestines to move, can eliminate flatulence and help defecation.