2014 World Cup Algeria VS Russia score prediction historical record analysis who will win _1

2014 World Cup Algeria VS Russia score prediction historical record analysis who will win
Algeria vs Russia score prediction analysis: 1:2 or 1:3 Who will win Algeria VS Russia in the 2014 World Cup?June 27, 2014 update Algeria VS Russia match results: Algeria 1-1 Russia Beijing time on June 27th, 4:00 am, Algeria will face Russia.2014 World Cup Algeria VS Russia score prediction historical record analysis who will win the 2014 World Cup group stage Algeria VS Russia who will win the 2014 World Cup Algeria compared with Russian football 2014 World Cup Russia national team up to the latest 23 people list (picture) 2014 World CupAlgeria National Team preliminary latest 23-man congressional list (picture) Algeria VS Russia two teams start prediction Russia (433): Goalkeeper: 1-Akinfeev Guard: 22-Yesenko, 4-Ignashevich, 14-WaSiri Berezutsky, 23-Kumbarov midfielder: 7-Denisov, 20-Faizurin, 18-Zirkov striker: 10-Zagoyev, 11-KerzaCove, 17-Shatov Algeria: Mbori, Buguera, Gulam, Halice, Figuri, Mejani, Ventaleb, Sodani, Teder, Mahrez,Mustafa Algeria VS Russia’s historical confrontation record: no record of Algeria’s previous World Cup results. 2014 is the fourth time Algeria has reached the World Cup finals in the history of the team. Most of them have participated in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.1982 World Cup in Spain.  In the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, under the leadership of local coach Saadan, in the first game of Slovenia, in the case of one less in the second half, because of a mistake by the goalkeeper, they lost 0 to 1 regret.In the second round of the England team with Rooney, Gerrard and other stars, the Algeria team stubbornly kept the 0-0 score to the end.In the last match against the US team, in the case of unqualified wins, the opponent was loathed in 91 minutes, sorry to say goodbye to South Africa.This World Cup also fully reflects the Algeria team’s offensive ability is not strong, not scoring a goal in three games.Russia’s previous World Cup results until the 1990 World Cup, Russia is part of the Soviet Union, participating in the name of the Soviet Union.In the 1994 World Cup and the 2002 World Cup, Russia qualified from the qualifiers. In the finals, they all stopped in the group stage. Both times were 1 win and 2 losses.In the Soviet era, the Soviet Union participated in the seven World Cups in 1958, 1962, 1966, 1970, 1982, 1986, and 1990. The best result was that the World Cup in 1966 reached the semi-finals and finished fourth.In addition to the 1990 World Cup, the other six times, the Soviet Union was able to pass the first round of the group stage.Same day battle: 2014 World Cup United States VS Germany score prediction historical record analysis who will win 2014 World Cup Portugal VS Ghana score prediction historical record analysis who will win 2014 World Cup South Korea VS Belgium score prediction historical record analysis who will win

[Is the bird’s nest vegetarian?]_ Difference_Respectively

鐕曠獫浣滀负涓€绉嶅悕璐电弽绋€鐨勮嵂鏉愶紝鍦ㄦ垜浠殑鐢熸椿涓粡甯歌鎻愯捣锛屽彲鏄敱浜庡叾浠锋牸鏄傝吹锛屽緢灏戜汉鐪熸鐨勪娇鐢ㄨ繃鐕曠獫銆傚叾瀹炲浜庣埍缇庣殑濂虫€ф潵璇达紝澶氬椋熺敤鐕曠獫鍙互璧峰埌缇庡鍏婚锛岃ˉ鍏呬汉浣撹兌鍘熻泲鐧界殑鍔熸晥銆備絾鏄嚂绐濇瘯绔熸槸涓€绉嶇嚂瀛愮瓚宸㈡椂浜х敓鐨勫垎娉岀墿锛屼笉灏戜汉鎻愬嚭鐤戦棶锛岀嚂绐濇槸灞炰簬绱犻绉嶇被鍚楋紵涓€銆佺嚂绐濇槸绱犻鍚楃嚂绐濓紝涓€鍚戣璁や负婊嬭ˉ鍝侊紝鏄竴绉嶇敓闀夸簬涓滃崡浜氥€佸嵃灏笺€佹柊鍔犲潯鍜屾嘲鍥戒竴甯︽捣鍩熴€佸枩娆㈢兢浣撴爾韬簬娴峰崡鎮礀宄鐨勭煶娲炲唴锛屾槸涓€绉嶅彨鈥滈噾涓濈嚂鈥濈殑闆€楦燂紝鍒╃敤鑻旈矞銆佹捣钘诲拰鏌旇蒋妞嶇墿缁囩淮娣峰悎浠栦滑鐨勭窘姣涘拰鍞炬恫鑳剁粨鑰屾垚鐨勭嚂绐濓紝浣滀负钘忚韩涔嬫墍銆傜嚂绐濅笉鏄洿鎺ラ噰鎽樹笅鏉ュ氨鑳藉悆鐨勶紝鏄渶瑕佺粡娣卞姞宸ュ悗鍙緵浜洪鐢ㄧ殑閮ㄥ垎銆備汉浠妸杩欑鐕曠獫鍙栦笅鏉ワ紝缁忚繃鎻愮偧銆侀€夋嫞灏辨垚涓哄悕璐电殑鐕曠獫銆傞噾涓濈嚂姣忓勾涓夊洓鏈堜唤浜у嵉銆備骇鍗靛墠锛屽畠浠瘡澶╅缈斾簬娴烽潰鍜岄珮绌猴紝鏈夋椂鍙珮杈炬暟鍗冪背锛岀┛浜戠牬闆撅紝鍚稿惍闆ㄩ湶锛屾憚椋熸槅铏€佹捣钘汇€侀摱楸肩瓑鐗┿€傜粡娑堝寲鍚庨捇杩涢櫓宄汇€侀槾鍑夈€佹捣鎷旇緝楂樼殑宄瑁傜紳銆佹礊绌存繁澶勶紝鍚愬斁绛戝发銆傚ぇ绾﹁20澶氬ぉ鎵嶈兘绛戞垚銆傜嚂宸㈠憟鍗婃湀褰紝褰㈢姸濂藉儚浜虹殑鑰虫湹锛岀 洿 寰?涓€7鍘樼背锛屽熀搴曞帤锛屽粨澹佽杽锛岄噸绾?0涓€15鍏嬨€傜嚂宸㈠鍥存暣榻愶紝鍐呴儴绮楃硻锛屾湁濡備笣鐡滅綉缁溿€傛暣涓嚂绐濇磥鐧芥櫠鑾癸紝瀵屾湁寮规€э紝闄勭潃浜庡博鐭冲抄澹佺殑鍦版柟銆傚巻鏉ユ湁鈥滅█涓栧悕鑽€濄€佲€滀笢鏂圭弽鍝佲€濅箣缇庣О銆備簩銆佺礌椋熻€呰兘涓嶈兘鍚冪嚂绐?銆佺幇浠g殑閲囨憳鏂规硶鍜屼互鍓嶅凡缁忓ぇ涓嶇浉鍚屻€備互鍓嶇殑閲囨憳鏂规硶鐨勭‘浼氱牬鍧忕殑閲戜笣鐕曠殑鐢熷瓨鐜锛屽▉鑳佸埌閲戜笣鐕曠殑鐢熷瓨鐜銆傞殢鐫€鐜板湪鐕曞眿鐨勫叴璧凤紝杩欑鐜拌薄宸茬粡娑堝け浜嗐€傜嚂灞嬫彁渚涗簡閲戜笣鐕曠瓚宸㈢殑鐜锛岃€屾垜浠篃鏄瓑鍒扮嚂铔嬪鍖栧畬鎴愩€侀暱澶э紝绂诲紑鐕曠獫涔嬪悗锛屾墠灏嗙嚂绐濋噰鎽樿捣鏉ャ€?There is a lot of freshness and newness. It ‘s a new one. It ‘s a little bit too late. It ‘s not a good idea.噾涓濈嚂鏄嚑涔庢病鏈夊奖鍝嶇殑銆傛垜浠湁鏃跺€欎細鐪嬪埌涓€浜涘紓鍨嬬嚂绐濓紝鍦ㄤ竴涓嚂绐濅笂浼氬悓鏃舵湁澶氬眰鐨勭嚂绐濓紝鍏跺疄涔熻瘉瀹炰簡杩欎竴鐐广€?

[How to cook chestnuts for peeling]_How to cook_How to peel

[How to cook chestnuts for peeling]_How to cook_How to peel

Chestnut is a kind of food that many people like to eat, especially in winter, sugar-fried chestnuts are more famous, and their nutritional value is also very good. Usually, eating some properly is good for the body, but chestnuts are goodIt’s hard to pick the skin, which is also an objective existence. In fact, there are certain methods that can make the chestnuts peel very well, such as boiling in brine, boiling in a pressure cooker, and so on.

How to cook chestnuts for peeling1, chestnut peeling method 1: boil chestnuts with brine, can help chestnuts peel quickly.

The specific operation is: first rinse the chestnuts with water to remove the fluff from the shell.

After washing, make a cut in the middle of the chestnut with a knife, then place it in the salt water, and cook for 4 to 5 minutes with gentle heat. While hot, you can quickly remove the shell and skin of the chestnut.

2. Chestnut husking method 1: Cook with a rice cooker The same as the above method. After washing the chestnut, draw a hole and put it directly in the rice cooker, without adding anything, dry cooking.

Just click the rice cooking button, after the button jumps, you can remove the chestnuts, peeling and peeling is easy.

But because the chestnuts are cooked at this time, they are easy to break when peeling, so be careful when replacing this method with peeling.

3. Chestnut husking method one: use a pressure cooker to cook the same, you need to wash the chestnuts, cut into the mouth, put them in the pressure cooker to dry, without adding water and anything else.

After the pressure cooker has been ventilated, the fire can be turned off in two to three minutes, and peeling and peeling is quite easy.

However, this method is difficult to grasp the heat, but it is fast and convenient.

4, chestnut shelling method 1: using a microwave oven to cook chestnuts in the oven, is the fastest and best shelling method.

The chestnuts boiled by this method are easy to peel and the color of the chestnuts is particularly good.

The method is: after washing the chestnuts, make a cut, put it in a bowl, add a lid, and then heat it in the microwave with the bowl. After heating, remove the chestnuts and peel them while it is hot, which is very convenient.

The above-mentioned several methods of cooking chestnuts can make chestnuts easy to shell, but among these methods, it is more convenient and quick to cook in a microwave oven, and the peeled chestnuts have good color and are not easy to be broken, which is the most ideal method.

If there are no friends in the microwave oven, cooking chestnuts in salt water is a good way. The chestnuts after peeling are not easy to break.

However, if you want to be lazy, you can use the rice cooker and pressure cooker to make the chestnuts peel easily, but the chestnuts are easily broken after being cooked in this way. You need to be careful when peeling, so as not to cause the peeled chestnuts to look unsightly.

[Can Durian Beer be eaten together]_Durian_Draught Beer_ 同 吃

Lawsuits and lawsuits are in the air, and you will be able to find out how to do it if you want to do it. You can do it anyway. You can do it at will.殑楗搧閮戒笉鑳藉鍐嶉ギ鐢紝鐗瑰埆鏄硸灏跨梾鎮h€咃紝濡傛灉灏嗕袱绉嶉鐗╁叡鍚屽悆鐨勮瘽锛屼細寮曡捣琛€绠¢樆濉烇紝鎴栬€呮槸閫犳垚涓銆?1 銆 乹 Υ 銮 鬉 鬉 鍉 爙 鈏 髍 掍 髴 bifeng  鐢 Fine 銲 銰 鎰 掍 笌 嬌嬌 姌 姌 姒 姒 姉 嬧 尗 尧尧 尧尧 尧尧 嬧 嬧 嬧 嬧 嬧 嬧 嬧 嬧 嬧 嬧 嬧 嬧 嬧 嬧 嬧呭悓鍚冿紝浼氬鑷磋绠¢樆濉烇紝涓ラ噸鐨勪細鏈夌垎琛€绠°€佷腑椋庢儏鍐靛嚭鐜帮紝涓嶅疁椋熺敤銆?2銆佺儹姘斾綋璐ㄣ€佸枆鐥涘挸鍡姐€佹偅鎰熷啋銆侀槾铏氫綋璐ㄣ€佹皵绠℃晱鎰熻€呭悆姒磋幉浼氫护鐥呮儏鎭跺寲锛屽韬綋鏃犵泭锛屼笉瀹滈鐢ㄣ€?Mohengfuchen faint  Juanhouxisi litigation Die Chuan Wei-ho ц ╃ Zanbenyengui Yangfugouchan  Benwuxixi ょ Paozun  Wantiqunren Humianpidun Bangujiaoqian Jingshan Yun姸銆傛兂缂撹В涓嶉€傦紝灏辫楗捣甯︾豢璞嗘堡鎴栧鏋崏姹ゃ€?4銆佹Υ鑾插惈鏈夌殑鐑噺鍙婄硸鍒嗚緝楂橈紝鍥犳鑲ヨ儢浜哄+瀹滃皯椋熴€?銆 乹 Υ 銮 Insert the chain of the chain to search for the hawthorn 技 捑 湑 Lu? 溴 台 呰 吩 鐥 呭 弇 冭 剥 呥 呬 弬 汉 Han 屽 疏 爏 戦  銆?TOWER crafty Υ Luancengcunrao ‘Qin Yue Weng  Yangjianrenpan Getting Juroubanfan Xinxijingsi litigation Die Ning ︽ Chi Juqianbuduan Chourenrouluan 〃 Ganhongfanhu Shan Chuan Juan Qiangshiyangkou€傚悆瀹屾Υ鑾插叓灏忔椂涔嬪唴鏄笉鑳介ギ閰掔殑銆?

Mei Nian Health (002044): The leader of the medical examination industry with extremely high platform value

Mei Nian Health (002044): The leader of the medical examination industry with extremely high platform value
The fast-growing 100 billion medical examination market plays an increasingly important role as a non-public inspection center.According to data from the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the size of the medical examination market in 2017 reached 1399 ppm, an increase of 21 per year.97%.Driven by consumption upgrades and the increase in the disposable income 天津夜网 of people, the public is paying more and more attention to the health care industry. The medical examination market is expected to maintain rapid growth in the future, and at the same time, it will be proportional to overseas, so the medical examination penetration rate in 2017 is only 32.5%, which is far from the overall coverage of more than 70%.At present, public hospitals still occupy a part of the domestic medical examination market, with a market share of at least 80%. However, the efficiency of public hospitals and the single medical examination package are gradually unable to meet the needs of multi-level consumer groups.Driven by vigorous development, the proportion gradually increases every year. Mei Nian is the highest non-public three-dimensional inspection fixture, and the standardized replication model has matured.As of 2018, Meinian Health has 633 medical examination centers (256 holdings) and serves 27.78 million passengers annually. It is a leading company in the medical examination industry.The company’s medical examination center basically covers the whole country, and is rapidly sinking to the third and fourth-tier cities. Its equipment configuration can be compared with most second- and third-tier public hospitals. At the same time, due to its size, it has strong bargaining power and cost control capabilitiesThe item is second to none.The company adopts the expansion mode of “first participation and later control”, using the leverage effect of funds, firstly holding about 20% of shares, and then incorporating the three-year mature medical examination center into the body to achieve rapid expansion while maintaining good financial indicators.At the same time, the company created nine standardized quality control systems after the 2018 physical examination event to escort long-term growth. The company uses the physical examination as the gripper, which is very strong horizontally and initially extends the value of the platform. Horizontal extension: Based on massive big data analysis, the company can accurately capture market changes and customer needs to form an industry incubation platform. Gradually extended: In the upstream of the industry chain, in addition to traditional medicine, the company is in early screening of tumors, intelligent diagnosis, geneticDetection, artificial intelligence and other aspects have potential for development; and downstream of the industrial chain, health insurance, professional prevention, health consultation, medical services, chronic disease management, etc. are also possible directions.Anke Technology, which has been recognized by the Keke board, is an upstream supplier of the company’s capsule gastroscope. Although the company does not directly participate in the shares, it still reflects the value of Midian Health’s platform. profit prediction.We expect the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to be 11 in 2019-2021.52, 16.57,23.450,000 yuan, an increase of 40 in ten years.4%, 43.8%, 41.5%, corresponding to PE is 42x, 29x, 20x.The company’s “first participation and later control” model breakthrough guarantees stable and high-speed growth of the performance. At the same time, the company’s platform has a strong value and can be extended horizontally and forward.The current estimated relative error in chain medical services is covered for the first time and is given a “Buy” rating. Risk reminders: The development of the medical examination center is less than expected; the management and operation risks brought by chain expansion; and the risk of intensified market competition.

Hanlan Environment (600323): Release of ultra-short-term financing and actively promote the issuance of convertible bonds to issue a large solid waste strategy to accelerate the layout

Hanlan Environment (600323): Release of ultra-short-term financing and actively promote the issuance of convertible bonds to issue a large solid waste strategy to accelerate the layout

Events: 1. The company recently issued an announcement that the company successfully issued the second phase of ultra short-term financing bonds for 2019, with a planned scale of 500 million yuan, an actual scale of 500 million yuan, and a coupon rate of 2.


2. The company ‘s board of directors recently approved a plan to adjust the company ‘s public issuance of convertible corporate bonds, in accordance with the “Issuance Supervision Questions and Answers-Supervisory Requirements for Guiding and Regulating the Financing Behavior of Listed Companies” issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and related Q & A on auditing knowledge.Six months before the date of the resolution of the board of directors of the second issuance and the amount of new expenditures and proposed financial investments of this nature before the issuance shall be replaced by the amount of funds raised this time, and the issuance size of the company’s convertible bonds will be changed from US $ 1 billion to 9.

9.2 billion; there are no changes in the investment projects, but the amount of funds raised in the Zhangzhou southern domestic waste incineration power plant project is planned to be 2 yuan.

0 billion adjusted to 1.

9.2 billion.

3. At the same time, in order to promote the public issuance of convertible corporate bonds as soon as possible, the board of directors approved the choice of changing the business scope and use of the Hanlan Plaza project of Foshan Nanhai Hanlan Real Estate Co., Ltd .: (1) Hanlan Plaza Commercial Real Estate Project OfficeAll the property involved is used by the company for its own use; (2) the project is converted into fixed assets accounts; (3) the business scope of Han Lan Real Estate is changed, and the related business content of “real estate investment, development, operation, and sales” in the business scope is deleted and doneOther related adjustments.

Comments: 1.

The ultra-short financing was issued smoothly, the issuance of convertible bonds was accelerated, and the financing was smooth. The company’s operating security was enhanced. The current ultra-short financing bond is the company’s second ultra-short-term financing bond in 2019, and the current issue amount is 5.

0 ppm with a coupon rate of 2.

8%, the company’s first ultra short-term financing bonds for 2019 were issued in October, with an issue amount of 5 trillion and a coupon rate of 2.

At 96%, the company ‘s ultra-short-term coupon rate was reduced to a certain level, which effectively saved the company’s financial costs and protected the company’s business needs for funds. At the same time, it reflected the market’s recognition of the company and the company’s alternative financing capabilities.

The company’s adjustment of the convertible bond issuance plan and the change in the business scope of Foshan Nanhai Hanlan Real Estate Co., Ltd. and the use of the Hanlan Plaza project will effectively accelerate the issuance of the company’s convertible bonds; the company’s convertible bonds are intended to be issued.

US $ 9.2 billion. The raised investment funds, after deducting the issuance costs, will be used for the purification of natural waste incineration power plants in the South China Sea. Anxi County waste incineration power plant reconstruction and expansion project. Zhangzhou southern domestic waste incineration power plant project., Will further guarantee the company’s project progress and accelerate 无锡夜网 the company’s solid waste business layout.


The project has been put into operation smoothly, with good operating results and stable growth in performance. Since the beginning of this year, the company’s project has been put into operation smoothly, and the project has achieved good results, and jointly promote the steady growth of performance.

The company achieved revenue of 42 in the first three quarters.

700 million, an increase of 19 years.

1%, net profit after returning to mother 7.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 20 in ten years.


In the field of solid waste business, the company’s Jiangxi hazardous waste, Langfang project, and Shunde project were all put into normal production at the beginning, and the operation effect was good. According to the interim report, Harbin Food Kitchen (300 tons / day) and Zhangzhou South Project (1000 tons / day) have enteredIn the commissioning phase, Nanhai No. 3 Plant (1500 tons / day), Foshan Hazardous Waste Project (9.

March / year) is expected to be completed in September and the end of the year, which will open up new space for the company’s performance growth.

As of the end of June, about 1 of the company’s waste incineration project has been put into operation.

48 days / day (including the Shunde project in which shares are held), about 1 under construction and preparation.

28th / day (excluding Shengyun project); in the gas business area, the company seized the potential of village-level industrial park upgrades and ceramic energy clean energy transformation, actively explored new users, and actively promoted the construction of hydrogen refueling stations in the South China Sea. Among them,Songgang Station and Taoyuan Station will be completed and put into production within the year; in the water supply field, the company focuses on strengthening cost control and continues to advance the construction of the fourth phase of the South China Sea Second Water Plant.


The “big solid waste” strategy has been effectively promoted, business development has been smooth, and long-term performance growth potential has been enhanced. In terms of new project development, the company actively implemented and promoted the “big solid waste” business strategy of the entire industrial chain layout.Significant effect.

In June, the company and Shengyun Environmental Protection signed the Framework Cooperation Agreement on Investment in Waste Incineration Power Generation Projects, which plans to undertake some projects of Shengyun. Recently, it has reached an agreement with Shengyun and other parties on the acquisition of assets, and drafted the “Asset Transfer Agreement” for related projects.The company acquired Haiyang (500 tons / day), Jining Phase II (800 tons / day), Xuancheng Phase II (1000 tons / day), Wulanchabu (1200 tons / day), and Huaian Phase II (800 tons)/ Day) and other projects under construction and continue to invest in construction, which can increase the total operating scale of 4,300 tons / day; in the field of hazardous waste disposal, the company recently acquired the hazardous waste enterprise Jiaxing Chuangxin Environmental Protection94.

9% equity, and invest in Pinghu hazardous waste project, project size 3.

1 year / year; in the field of restaurant and kitchen waste disposal, the company has recently won a bid for the PPP project of the restaurant and kitchen waste and manure treatment project in Langfang, Hebei, with a project investment of approximately 2.

500 million, the construction scale is designed to handle 200 tons of kitchen waste per day, 20 tons of waste oil per day, 300 tons of manure per day, and the operation period is 25 years.

65 yuan / ton, the cost of disposal of feces is 136.

77 yuan / ton.

The company’s large solid waste sector has developed well, further enhancing the potential for future performance growth.


Profit forecast and investment advice The company strives to advance the “big solid waste strategy” and further builds a solid waste vertical and horizontal business layout.

Initially perfected the entire industrial chain of solid waste treatment covering front-end sanitation, middle-end collection and transfer, and end-of-life treatment; in the cross-cutting field, the company achieved full coverage of municipal waste, industrial hazardous waste, agricultural organic waste and other pollution sources; the company expanded activelyWith many projects in hand and good operating results, it will effectively guarantee the company’s continued growth.In the field of gas and water services, the company actively expands downstream customers, strengthens cost control, improves management level, and guarantees steady growth in revenue and profits.

The company’s executive compensation incentive program for senior management this year includes a combination of short-term incentives and long-term incentives. Among them, short-term incentives include basic annual salary and performance annual salary. Long-term incentives are in the form of virtual distribution units.Performance growth drivers.

The company’s 19-21 performance is expected to be 8.

9, 11.

2, 13.

200 million, corresponding to an estimated PE of 14.

5, 11.

5, 9.

8 times, maintaining highly recommended.


Risks remind that the project development is not up to expectations, the project construction progress is not up to expectations, the project operation is not up to expectations, the risk of falling gross profit margin caused by the increase in raw material costs, the policy risks of compensating for landslides in waste incineration and power generation, and the systemic risks in the market.

Torch Electronics (603678): Self-produced business has grown significantly and new materials are expected to follow up

Torch Electronics (603678): Self-produced business has grown significantly and new materials are expected to follow up

I. Overview of the event On August 11, the company released its semi-annual report for 2019 and achieved operating income of 10.

61 ppm, an increase of 12 per year.

70%; net profit attributable to mother 2.

13 ppm, an increase of 21 per year.

twenty two%.

Second, analysis and judgment of steady growth in performance, gross profit margin continued to increase in the first half of 2019, the company achieved operating income10.

61 ppm, an increase of 12 per year.

70%; net profit attributable to mother 2.

13 ppm, an increase of 21 per year.

22%, solid performance growth.

Expenses during the first half of the year13.

25%, compared with 14 in the same period last year.

1% decreased slightly, of which sales expenses increased significantly41.

69% was due to the expansion of business scale and increase in employee compensation.

The preliminary company reported a gross profit margin of 37.

52%, maintaining a growth trend since 2015.

The agency business accounted for the largest proportion of revenue. The MLCC price reduction caused the gross profit margin to decline. The agency business was the company’s largest business. The main agency brands were Taiyo Yuden, AVX, Kemei, NDK, JAE, CITIZEN and other products.

Revenue from agency business accounted for 62 in the first half of the year.

39%, a decrease of 7.

36pct, the proportion of agency business continued to decline.

The number of reports, the business achieved revenue 6.

62 ppm, an increase of 0 in ten years.

81%; gross margin is 18.

15%, down 2 from the same period last year.

43pct, it is preliminary that the recent MLCC is in a price reduction channel, and the gross profit margin has shifted from a high point.

The self-produced business has grown significantly and will maintain rapid growth in the future. The company’s self-produced business mainly includes ceramic capacitors, quartz capacitors, super capacitors, etc.

The report totals that the segment achieved revenue3.

0.94 million yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.

73%, of which sales of military products2.

71 ppm, an increase of 49 per year.

59%; sales revenue of civilian products1.

23 ppm, an increase of 19 per year.


The self-produced business gross margin was 73.

50%, a slight increase from last year’s rating, and gross profit margin remained high.

In the first half of the year, titanium capacitors in the self-produced business achieved revenue of 23.86 million yuan, an increase of 33 in future.

45%; Achieve gross margin of 50.
01%, sales and profits of tungsten capacitors have further improved.
We expect that in the future, the company’s military orders will continue to resume growth through the implementation of military reforms, and civilian products are expected to grow steadily.

Ceramic material revenue has grown significantly, but the capacity construction is still higher than expected. The company’s special ceramic new material project CASAS-300 mainly relies on its wholly-owned subsidiary, Liya New 杭州桑拿网 Material, and its main technology comes from the technical team of Xiamen University.

In the first half of the year, the new materials business realized an operating income of 10.63 million yuan, an annual increase of 19.

77%; realized gross profit margin of 73.

72%, a significant increase from the same period last year.

The CASAS-300 project was originally planned to complete all capacity construction in August 2019, but the current project progress is only 66.

44%, according to the company’s disclosure that the completion of all production capacity construction will be supplemented until September 2020.

We expect that the completion of full production capacity will make a breakthrough contribution to the company’s performance growth.

Third, the investment suggestion is that the company is a capacitor expert, and the long-term development of the company is expected when the construction of the special ceramic material project is completed.

Expected company 2019?
In 2021, the EPS will be 0.

88, 1.

11 and 1.

37 yuan, corresponding to PE of 25X, 20X and 17X. Comparable companies evaluate 35X on average, covering for the first time, giving a “recommended” rating.

4. Risk warning 1. The progress of the special ceramic material project is less than expected; 2. The global MLCC is in a trend of price reduction.

6 kinds of super drinks that will be thin and belly. Come and have a drink.


6 kinds of super drinks that will be thin and belly. Come and have a drink.

Guide: Drinks can also slim down the skin, is this true?

Of course, you don’t have to question at all!

Come take a look at these 6 super-sweet drinks that will give you an unexpected slimming effect!

銆€銆€1, smoothing the lower abdomen good drink: add water when you are trying to slim down, it is important to keep moist.

銆€銆€Drinking plenty of water will help your body fluids stay in balance, prevent water retention (a major cause of abdominal swelling), and even increase satiety, which will reduce your food intake.

銆€銆€But if you don’t like boiled water, you can use fresh herbs, citrus and other low-flavor flavor enhancers (cucumber slices are also a good choice) to increase the taste and encourage yourself to drink.

銆€銆€2, Fuping Xiaobi Jiayin: Watermelon smoothie Because sand ice does not add sugar like frozen sherbet, it will not make you feel guilty – and watermelon is an excellent, low-content sand ice raw material.
銆€銆€Absolutely because of the molecular weight of watermelon, it becomes a natural hydrator, and it also has supplementary nutrients, including anti-cancer lycopene, and also contains an amino acid called arginine.

銆€銆€A study in the Journal of Nutrition found that arginine can reduce body mass and increase muscle tissue.

銆€銆€So make a cup of this calorie with only 56 calories, promote the metabolism of sand and ice, then drink it!

銆€銆€3, smoothing the lower abdomen drink: ice mint tea This mint-thirsty thirst-quenching drink will give you a super refreshing feeling in the hot weather, and it also has the excellent effect of smoothing the lower abdomen.

銆€銆€Mint helps your stomach with indigestion, ensuring that high-fat foods like hamburgers and steaks are quickly digested to prevent abdominal swelling.

銆€銆€4, smoothing the lower abdomen drink: pineapple shaved ice this mixed pineapple drink like a beach holiday – it contains two smoothing the lower abdomen

銆€銆€A teaspoon of linseed oil, plus a monounsaturated molecular weight, has been shown to shrink the lower abdomen, while pineapple itself contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps break down proteins, aid digestion, and eliminates inflation.

銆€銆€5, Fuping Xiaobijiao: In addition to reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, green tea green tea also contains catechins, which help reduce neonatal antioxidants.

銆€銆€If you drink green tea before exercise, these compounds will increase the burning of cockroaches in aerobic exercise.

銆€銆€6, smoothing the belly of a small drink: dark chocolate milkshake really?

Yes, of course!

銆€銆€Chocolate – especially dark chocolate – will help you lose weight because it reduces appetite and reduces the accumulation of food.

銆€銆€However, with a content of nearly 400 calories, this milkshake can be considered a meal, not just a snack.

Treat it as a quick breakfast and suppress your appetite within a few hours is a good choice.

Weekly fattening recipe fitness coach teaches you how to fatten


Weekly fattening recipe fitness coach teaches you how to fatten

There are a lot of people who are worried about obesity, but some people are too embarrassed and troubled by themselves. Some of the more embarrassing crushes think about how to play fat. Some people use a lot of methods, but the effect is not obvious. Today, Xiaobian shared a week.Fattening recipes, I hope everyone likes it.

銆€銆€A week of fattening recipes in many families, mother-in-law generally prefer rounded daughter-in-law, such a wife is easy to have children, but there are many girls who are more embarrassed, how to eat not fat, then you need a recipe for fattening.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine believes that physical illness is caused by low spleen and stomach function and lack of blood.

The spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood.

銆€銆€The spleen and stomach are healthy, the blood is strong, the muscles are plump and the limbs are strong.

On the contrary, the body is thin and the limbs are weak and weak.

銆€銆€To treat the body thin, we must eliminate many chronic diseases such as hyperthyroidism, liver disease, kidney disease and tumor.

Then using traditional Chinese medicine treatment, there will be good results.

銆€銆€Week 1 – Week 5 Diet Recipe Breakfast: 1 cup of soy milk + 1 pasta + 1 tea egg.

銆€銆€Dim Sum: 1 banana, hungry for chocolate.

銆€銆€Tea: Chinese medicine Huangqi + Atractylodes.

銆€銆€Lunch: Canteens +1 medium-sized bread.

銆€銆€Dim Sum: 1 apple + 1 other fruit, hungry and then eat chocolate.

銆€銆€Dinner: Eat, drink and drink normally.

銆€銆€Nightingale: milk + boiled eggs or cakes + a few candied dates.

銆€銆€Week 6 – Week 7 Fertilizer Recipe Breakfast: 1 yogurt + bread.

銆€銆€Tea: Rose tea.

銆€銆€Fruit: papaya.

銆€銆€Lunch: Normally eat, drink and drink.

銆€銆€If a person does not eat fat, there may be problems in the body, can not absorb the nutrients in the food, change such a good body is to exercise more to enhance physical fitness, in order to achieve the effect of fattening, in the dietEat more foods that contain protein.

銆€銆€Dinner: Eat, drink and drink normally.
銆€銆€I made three comments for a friend who wants to gain weight for a thin person (1) (2) exercise and enhance physical fitness; (3) keep a good mood.

Some people are often sentimental and unhappy, such people should not become fat, if you keep a good mood, it is possible to achieve the effect of fattening.

銆€銆€I suggest you 1, prepare equipment or go to the gym to start practicing bodybuilding.

Because bodybuilding training can completely increase muscle weight, and body size can be greatly improved.

銆€銆€At the beginning of the training, the muscles have never been strongly stimulated, so the training effect in the first three months will be very obvious, you will see you a brand new self.

銆€銆€2, nutrition issues.

The purpose of practicing bodybuilding is to strengthen the body and grow muscles, and these need to be backed by rich nutrition.

At the same time, scientific training methods + rich nutrition + unremitting efforts will become more and more solid and stronger!

I believe that your friend can look at you after one year!

Five tips to find the first night passion


Five tips to find the first night passion

In the sex sex, no one can have perfect sex forever. Maybe one day you suddenly discover that the passion that has brought you unlimited entertainment has disappeared like the past clouds. Do you understand the reason for this embarrassment?

Medical experts say that the sudden disappearance of this orgasm is “interrupted orgasm interruption.”

In fact, it is far more difficult for women to reach orgasm than men.

銆€銆€But as long as you find the cause and the right medicine, I believe that you will find the joy of having fun in the past.

銆€銆€Method 1: When you know your body, we feel that the taste of sexual intercourse is the same as chewing wax. It is because of the lack of intimate contact between the two sexes, the sexual foreplay is not enough, or you lack understanding of your own body.Sexually sensitive bands and sensations are not known, and it is impossible to tell your partner about your sexual needs, so that it is difficult to achieve the sensory pleasure that makes you satisfied when you actually operate.

銆€銆€Method 2: Know your own cycle of sexual experience Generally speaking, the secretion of hormones in the human body will affect sexual desire.

The abnormal secretion of spring hormone, progesterone and testosterone in the human body will reduce sexual desire, cause abnormal uterine contractions, and even change the susceptibility to orgasm.

Irregular menstruation, pelvic ailments can hinder climax, women at the beginning of menopause will affect sexual desire due to secretion disorders.

Different chemicals in the brain can also affect the satisfaction of sexual intercourse. In many cases, sedatives, anti-histamines that treat sensation, may reduce sexual desire and reduce sexual ability.

銆€銆€Method 3: Appropriate sexual fantasies can increase your sexual sensibility In both sexes, romantic sexual fantasies are the most effective weapon for creating a perfect sex life.

If you can’t concentrate when you are having sex, and your mind is full of trivial things about daily rice and oil, then you can’t enjoy the pleasure of the climax anyway.

The correct way is to take a deep breath before you make love, focus on yourself and the moment, close your eyes, spread the wings of imagination, imagine that the breath of the other person has soaked your body, licking every inch of skin, feelingThe touch of the other’s fingertips and your skin is fascinating.

Do not hinder a warm bath before going to bed, massage your feet, let yourself relax, and imagine yourself as the most enthusiastic person, a person who will go to the feast of love with his lover.

銆€銆€Method 4: Fully motivated, in order to make your physiology full of passion for passion. Experts believe that men can reach orgasm through sensory stimulation, while women must grasp the stimulation of body, emotion, atmosphere and other aspects to feel happy.Pleasure, she is only full of passion and passion, it is possible to get a wonderful feeling of sex.

Sound and body language are the most direct and effective methods of sexual communication.

A wise woman will correctly convey her sexual needs and pleasures while conveying her desires.

Therefore, between the bed, you need to focus on your own body and play your own role in order to fully exchange each other’s desires.

銆€銆€Method 5: Make yourself more psychologically shadowy.

銆€銆€Some women are afraid of sex because of sexual injuries.

Psychologists believe that if women have escaped sex because of previous emotional and sexual frustrations and shunned their sexual needs, such women will live in the shadow of sexual fear.

From a scientific point of view, sexual repression can temporarily balance anxiety, but it cannot completely eradicate its psychological shadow.

The correct way is that you must face yourself, open your heart, fully adjust yourself, avoid solving problems, and believe that sex caused by feelings is good, try to get yourself out of the psychological shadow and slowly accept normal sex.Life, so that you become a woman who enjoys sexual pleasure.