Winter heart failure is easy to prevent attention to these details


Winter heart failure is easy to prevent attention to these details

Every winter, it is a high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and heart failure (referred to as heart failure) is more common.

Heart failure is the end stage of cardiovascular disease development, a disease that threatens life at any time.

Among the elderly, heart failure is one of the diseases with the highest incidence.

So how should winter heart failure be prevented?

Let’s take a closer look below.

What are the signs of heart attack in winter?

There are some signs of heart failure in patients, some chest tightness, flustered and shortness of breath, and these conditions suggest that patients return to the hospital as soon as possible.

In the winter, the number of patients hospitalized for heart failure increased.

This is because heart failure occurs in all cardiovascular diseases, and the most common are chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The cold winter is the high season for these chronic diseases.

Kang Lianming, chief physician of cardiovascular surgery at Beijing Fuwai Hospital, started with some common problems of heart failure and made some suggestions for preventing the occurrence of heart failure in winter.

What should I do if I can’t go to the hospital in time?

Patients living in remote areas, if there is no way to go to the hospital in time, must do these points: First, the original medicine should not stop, continue to eat according to the doctor’s advice; secondly, reduce activities; again, reduce water intake, includingDrink water, eat fruit, drink porridge and soup, etc. In addition, change the time of drinking water in the morning and avoid drinking water at rest in the evening.

Avoid heart failure, need to prevent certain diseases in winter?

First of all, to prevent colds.

Patients with heart failure, especially those with left heart failure, often have pulmonary congestion. Blood stasis is a “good place” to nourish bacteria and viruses. Therefore, once a patient catches a cold, it is more likely to cause lung infection and aggravate heart failure.

In addition, to control chronic cardiovascular disease, control blood pressure, blood sugar.

Patients with coronary heart disease should reduce their activities and take the drugs on time and in volume.

Prevention and control of diseases that lead to heart failure prevent heart failure.

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Teach you a small trick to regulate your heart failure

List the crime of loneliness hurting health

List the “crime” of loneliness hurting health

Loneliness is no stranger to busy modern people. Sometimes it is the feeling of powerlessness in the dead of night. Sometimes it is the sense of loss in the laughter of friends and friends. Even the happy person and body can be lonely at any time.hurt.
The health magazine recently even put forward the idea that “lonely will kill people” and enumerates its “crime” that hurts health.
The oldest, the child is the most lonely. Every age has its own unique loneliness.
Some time ago, there were media reports that a 71-year-old elderly person living alone in Chongqing played 1483 times a year, 110, in order to find someone to chat with him.
This phenomenon is not accidental. There is no one to accompany alone, nothing to do after retirement, and few children to visit. The loneliness of the old man has nowhere to tell.
The summer vacation just passed is also lonely for many children. Some parents only know what to do for their children, but they cannot comfort their lonely heart.
A survey of countries such as the Anglo-American law found that more than half of the children (under 18) and nearly half of the elderly (65+) often feel lonely, and 15% to 30% are lonely for a long time.
The China Aging Committee survey found that nearly half of urban elderly families are empty nests; the Modern Children’s Interpersonal Relationship Report shows that 40% of children have loneliness and do not like to communicate with their parents.
The seemingly busy office workers failed to escape the lonely attack.
A survey released at the China International Positive Psychology Conference showed that at 6.
Among the 90,000 participants, nine adults have loneliness.
There are various reasons behind loneliness, but there are four kinds of things we often experience.
First, I want to squeeze into a circle and find people around me like copper walls. I want to walk into each other’s heart and find that he didn’t give you a chance at all. The second is that you can’t squeeze into a circle because something, everyone starts.Look at you coldly; the third one has nothing to do with others, more reasons are in yourself, habits are not insincere or silent; the fourth is to be able to share with others, but find that each other can no longer go further, the heart is full of powerlessness and helplessness.
Loneliness is equivalent to pumping a pack of cigarettes every day. The feeling of loneliness is not only the torture of the heart.
Its health hazards are beyond imagination.
Studies have shown that people who are surrounded by loneliness and loneliness for a long time are equivalent to 15 cigarettes a day.
In addition, lonely people always like to do things that make their hearts better. They may smoke or drink, or choose to stimulate things like driving a car, and this kind of drainage is even worse for health.
Moreover, the study found that children who felt isolated in childhood were more likely to become obese after 26 years of age, or had cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood fat.
People who are troubled by loneliness have more active viruses, and substances in the blood that cause chronic inflammation are also slightly higher.
Chronic inflammation is associated with heart disease, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and even suicidal tendencies.
Lonely people over the age of 50 are more likely to have cognitive impairment, and the mortality rate is about 80% higher.
In addition, a number of studies have shown that lonely people have a higher suicide rate.
鎹㈢鏂瑰紡瀵瑰緟鑷繁 缇庡浗钁楀悕绀句細绁炵粡瀛﹀璁や负锛屽瘋瀵炴劅涓庡嵄鏈烘劅浼氬舰鎴愯礋鍙嶉鐨勬€湀锛氬洜涓哄瘋瀵烇紝鎵€浠ユ綔鎰忚瘑閲屾劅鍒板嵄鏈猴紝鍥犱负鎰熷埌鍗遍櫓锛屽瘋瀵炵殑浜烘洿瀹规槗瀵瑰懆鍥寸殑浜轰骇鐢熻鎯曢槻澶嘥he psychology, which in turn deepens the feeling of loneliness.
We should learn to adjust our mindset and treat ourselves and the people around us in a different way.
Treat your parents and children more time.
Young people should use the holidays and weekends to accompany the elderly and children, and have a meal with them and have a chat.
Old people should learn to adjust themselves. When they want children, take the initiative to make a phone call, learn to send text messages, WeChat, cultivate some hobbies, try to get out of the house, and don’t always stay at home.
Treat yourself and be more confident.
Confident people will attract more positive energy, mentality and sunshine, and naturally will stay away from loneliness, try to communicate with others and express their own ideas.
Meet someone who loves you and learn to be grateful.
People who think that others’ love and care should be happy are not happy.
Because they not only can not understand the beauty of each other, but also can not give positive feedback to the payers.
Meet the people you admire and learn to praise.
Praise is the best lubricant for interpersonal relationships, with zero cost and high return.
Meet the people who are jealous of you and learn to keep a low profile.
Others marry you because your excellence makes them feel threatened.
You may wish to lower your posture. It is better to have one more friend than an enemy.
Meet people in need and learn to reach out.Do something that helps people feel physically or emotionally, such as helping the elderly cross the road.

Two simple little motion tests how long you can live


Two simple little motion tests how long you can live

Two simple sit-downs and standing movements can predict your life.

Do you believe?

銆€銆€According to the British “Daily Mail” report, researchers at the University of Gamamelo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, developed the Sit-Up Test (SRT) to test patient flexibility and strength.

They also created a scoring system and found that the amount of content is closely related to mortality.

銆€銆€Researchers at the Clinimex Sports Medicine Clinic in Rio de Janeiro, 2002, 51 years old?
An 80-year-old adult has undergone an SRT test. In the process of sitting down or standing up, if someone uses his hand or stepping on it, he will be deducted one point, and the loss of balance will be deducted by 0.

5 points.

The study, published in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases, showed that in a total score of 10 points, the chances of dying within six years increased by four times compared to those who scored more than 8 points.
Participants who scored 8 points in a wonderful segment had a double chance of dying in six years.

For every additional point in the test, 21% of deaths due to various causes can be reduced.

How to conduct SRT testing?


Choose comfortable clothes and bare feet to make sure there is enough room to test.


Do not support anything, lower the posture from the previous state and sit cross-legged.


Stand up again, but do not allow support with both hands, contractions or arms.


Let others rate you.

The total score is 10 points, and the actions of sitting and standing up are 5 points respectively.

If you use the hand and contract, deduct a point; obviously shake the unbalanced buckle 0.

5 points.
銆€銆€Laudio Araugil was one of the first doctors to develop this test.

The test was originally used to quickly assess the athlete’s body, but Araugil now uses it on patients to convince them to stay active to maintain their muscle strength and balance, and to stay alive.

銆€銆€As we age, the muscles of the body become weaker and weaker, and the loss of balance means that the body is more likely to fall.

Alaugil added that the current method of testing whether the body is weak may be time consuming, but the SRT does not require any equipment and is suitable for everyone.

銆€銆€Experts say that SRT’s assessment of musculoskeletal health can significantly predict 51?
Mortality of the 80-year-old population.

銆€銆€However, physiotherapist Sami Margo said that the scope of this test is limited, and because of cultural differences, the British are not used to sitting on the floor for a long time, and may be more suitable for the elderly in the UK.

Therefore, the breadth of life expectancy is not very accurate.

銆€銆€The British physiotherapist suspected of choosing another test to measure how many times the patient could repeat the sit-up action in 30 seconds.

銆€銆€She said that the “30-second chair test” as a means of predicting life is more appropriate.

Simple, fast, and better to reduce balance.